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2021-11-16 - 2021-11-19
Frankfurt, Germany

Formnext 2021 is welcoming in-person visitors to a must-see get-together of the brightest and most enterprising minds of the additive manufacturing community. With over 400 exhibitors making the journey from Germany, this year’s partner country Italy, and the wider world, Formnext 2021 will host some of the most prominent organizations and advocates for the potential of additive manufacturing, supported by a stimulating program of talks and presentations.

Wibu-Systems is proud to be on site as part of the VDMA’s special expo zone. Alongside our partners, we are gearing up to introduce visitors to our full complement of protection, licensing, and security solutions. In additive manufacturing, the ability to not only protect one’s intangible, immaterial assets like product designs or production operating instructions, but to monetize these effectively and securely is paramount and of more vital importance than ever before in conventional manufacturing. Agility and flexibility are an asset in additive manufacturing as the ultimate expression of the vision of smart industry: Manufacturers not hemmed in by the restricted capabilities of monolithic machines, but free to create, for themselves or as a service, whatever the market needs, whenever and wherever it is needed. Producers and vendors can be one and the same company, or two independent partners in a free market for manufacturing services – with all the uncertainty that this new freedom entails.

Wibu-Systems has long recognized and built on the potential of our flagship technology CodeMeter for securing and helping monetize intellectual property in modern, connected industry. With our solutions for different hardware, software, or cloud licensing setups and support for virtually every development and operating environment of note, CodeMeter has established itself as the go-to solution for creative IP protection, licensing, and monetization. The vision pursued by many manufacturing businesses is the ability to produce third-party components right in their own factories in order to respond flexibly to demand in the market, without having to go through their complex supply chains. Ignoring the technological challenge for a minute, this poses another important issue that needs to be considered from the outset: Who is allowed to access the designs – when, where, and how often? A system is needed to protect the underlying data and to monetize the act of printing a third-party design. With CodeMeter, Wibu-Systems is already offering a secure and long-established system that can handle all digital value chains in additive manufacturing.

Visit Formnext 2021 to get inspired with the latest innovations in and Wibu-Systems’ ideas and solutions to additive manufacturing.



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