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2024-04-09 - 2024-04-11
Messe Nuremberg, Nuremberg, Germany

Join us at Embedded World, the premier gathering for the embedded community. This event stands as a pivotal global platform, uniting top-tier experts, major industry players, and associations. Dive into the embedded systems realm, exploring everything from components, modules, and operating systems to design intricacies in hardware, software, and M2M communication. Renowned for its deep technological expertise and future-focused products, Embedded World offers unparalleled insights, making it an essential destination for developers, system architects, product managers, and technical leaders.

We are proud to announce our collaboration as sub-exhibitors with OSADL at Embedded World. OSADL champions open-source software in industrial products by fostering a collaborative environment among businesses. Their mission revolves around ensuring legal security, minimizing technical risks, and optimizing costs in the use of open-source software in commercial applications. Join us in embracing the synergy of collective expertise and shared innovation with OSADL.

At Embedded World, we are excited to showcase the groundbreaking achievements of the VE-ASCOT project. This pioneering initiative focuses on enhancing data security in embedded systems. By addressing vulnerabilities and establishing robust security architectures, VE-ASCOT paves the way for the future of secure and resilient embedded technologies. Join us to witness how our collaborative efforts in the VE-ASCOT project are setting new benchmarks in data protection and system integrity.

Last year, Embedded World was the stage for the announcement of CmReady, a revolutionary concept in our industry. Now, Swissbit is the first company to support CmReady. CmReady introduces the capability to securely store a CmActLicense on a certified third-party storage device, anchoring it to the device rather than the target system. This approach offers the convenience and portability of traditional dongles, while opening the market to a wider array of secure removable storage options. As we embrace Swissbit as our inaugural partner for CmReady, we invite you to discover how this cutting-edge technology is redefining standards and opening new horizons in license management. Join us to be part of this transformative journey. For a demo of CmReady, you can also join Swissbit at their booth – hall 1, booth 534.

Embark on a journey of innovation at Embedded World, where we spotlight our triumphant collaboration with Hilscher and the Open Industry 4.0 Alliance in launching the Flagship Store for the OI4 Community. This pioneering initiative revolutionizes the industrial marketplace by offering a secure, standardized platform for diverse applications, fortified by our CodeMeter technology. Experience a new paradigm in app publishing, integration, and operation, and witness the power of collaboration in fostering a secure, open, and interoperable industrial future. Join us as we unveil this transformative venture, setting new benchmarks for industry 4.0.

Discover the future of software protection at Embedded World as we showcase our robust support for Python with AxProtector Python. This advanced solution is specifically designed to secure Python scripts, ensuring top-tier encryption and versatile licensing options. Experience firsthand how we empower developers to protect their intellectual property while maintaining the flexibility and ease of use that Python offers. Join us to explore how AxProtector Python is shaping the landscape of secure software development, blending innovation with uncompromised protection.

Join us at Embedded World and immerse in innovation. Be our guest, where new ideas spark and progress thrives in our collective collaboration.


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