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Should I sue or should I encrypt? This question remains fiercely debated to this day whenever people discuss how to protect the intellectual property. The first option is the cure you can apply after you have fallen prey to piracy or reverse engineering, the latter a preventative choice that can help you stay safe from cyber attacks to your know-how. Together, they safeguard your IP comprehensively from a technical and legal perspective.

Intellectual property can come in all shapes and sizes, spanning from algorithms mapped in software to sensitive documents or data made available to service technicians for their maintenance work. From a technical standpoint, the arsenal of protections can include logical access controls, authenticity verification, obfuscation, and encryption methods - all options to be weighed and considered with an eye on the actual type of the IP to be shielded and the nature of the threat that IP is exposed to.

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With CodeMeter Protection Suite, Wibu-Systems provides a whole battery of IP protection tools that you can integrate quickly and easily into your software. These tools are tailored to suit the specificities of the development environments and target platforms used:

  • AxProtector .NET protects applications and libraries created using the traditional .NET Framework or a .NET Standard 2.0 compliant framework
  • AxProtector Java is specifically designed for Java SE and Java EE applications
  • AxProtector and IxProtector protect native code developed e.g. with C / C++, Visual Basic, Delphi or FORTRAN for Windows, macOS, Linux, or Android platforms.

This masterclass covers the entire depth and breadth of CodeMeter Protection Suite’s newest features.

The latest version of AxProtector .NET introduces high-speed cache, which reduces the overhead inherent in system protection, improves the security of the protected application, and increases compatibility with many .NET applications.

The most recent iteration of AxProtector Java also supports Java 11 and 12 applications.

The newest versions of AxProtector and IxProtector add a modality for IP protection alone, which allows applications and libraries to be protected without the need to use CodeMeter as a licensing system. This option is especially interesting for anyone who wants to distribute applications for free, who uses other systems to license applications, or who is currently in the midst of migrating to CodeMeter.

During this one hour together, we will examine the following topics at great length:

  • Different types of intellectual property
  • Technical protective measures
  • Overview of CodeMeter Protection Suite
  • High-speed c​Cache for .NET applications
  • Support for Java 11 and 12 applications
  • IP Protection Mode for native applications

Grab the problem by its roots, act on the cause and not the effect, master CodeMeter Protection Suite, and avoid legal hassle later on

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