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Monetizing Software, Machines, and Materials with New Business Models


There was a time when traditional software publishers could generate substantial revenues with simple one-off sales. As the digital market kept growing and users became more skilled and demanding, the whole process had to be redesigned to lower the upfront investment, instill a sense of trust and dependability between supplier and buyer, and produce recurrent and dynamic income. In the industrial realm, this topic has become more relevant and pressing, driven by recent developments in machine connectivity, the globalization of manufacturing processes, and the interest in customized manufacturing for production runs of maybe even only single pieces.

While subscription models have customers paying a constant fee for every subscription term you set, regardless of whether they actually use the product or service, pay-per-use allows them to pay on the go for the machine lease, the consumables, the raw material, or the software package they specifically requested, at the time they really need it. The risk for you? The lower initial revenues when you first introduce this model are more than compensated for as the relationship with your customer deepens and you adjust your offers to their requirements. Best practices recommend introducing this model gradually alongside existing systems and fine-tuning the process as you analyze customers’ behaviors and spot specific patterns.

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CodeMeter License Central offers licenses with unit counters and automated processes, which makes pay-per-use models just as simple to handle as permanent or subscription licenses. You are still free to choose your favorite secure element for storing the licenses: CmDongle, CmActLicense, or server in the LAN or in the Cloud. The processes to create or renew licenses are easily integrated or automated. Automatic billing is just one step away with the streamlined integration of CodeMeter License Central into all mainstream ERP, CRM, and ecommerce platforms.

In this one-hour session, we will go through the whole lifecycle from a number of success stories that will get you inspired to the whole set of actions that will get you started. Here are the main topics we’ll be discussing with the live audience: 

  • Application of pay-per-use licensing models in different scenarios
    • For software
    • For machines
    • For materials
    • For building plans
  • Technical implementation with CodeMeter
    • Mapping out a pay-per-use license
    • Licenses per action
    • Licenses per term
    • License creation
    • License renewal
    • Downstream billing
  • Controlling the use of consumables
    • Sale of own material
    • Licensing of third-party material
  • Opportunities and challenges relating to pay-per-use licenses

First, think. Second, believe. Third, dream. And finally, dare. With CodeMeter, you have a powerful ally.