Making your everyday life easier with license automation


A professional license management system is the backbone of any software publisher’s business. Its goal is to free up your time from routine or menial tasks, provide a reliable source of alerts for you to intervene in person where you have to, and allow you to customize the widest array of factors possible to meet all your customers’ needs. Such a system goes beyond a ‘set and forget’ concept and rather offers a fine-grained degree of personalization at any time. We believe that CodeMeter License Central serves this scope and, during this masterclass, we will show you how it can make your life easier.

If you're wondering whether license automation may actually mean losing control over how licenses are managed, we have you covered: the entire configuration of CodeMeter License Central is in your hands. You are in charge of the tolerance levels your users are entitled to, you are still in the driving seat of the whole apparatus and the initiator of single or multiple tasks, you can monitor the complete gamut of activities and change the course of action.

Beyond the more frequent license management operations, automated processes in CodeMeter License Central can regulate special requests, like the transfer of licenses from one CmContainer to another (PC to PC, or PC to dongle). In such a case, you may find yourself with lost licenses on the move. However, you can set up preventive measures that resolve such incidents automatically.

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Through the software lifecycle, you will also often find yourself having to distribute updates of your application. This task has top priority and is executed automatically before all other actions.

Two additional use cases are push and acknowledgement actions. When you push, you deliver updates to your user without having to demand a license request file back each time. The CmContainer (CmDongle or CmActLicense) has to be registered only once in CodeMeter License Central. Each new license request file automatically triggers the acknowledgment process to keep the license database in CodeMeter License Central up to date. In case of errors, further automated processes can be used to remedy them.

This masterclass is all about setting up automated routines in CodeMeter License Central that can cover many of the ordinary and extraordinary incidents in your software publishing life:

  • Basic processes in CodeMeter License Central
  • Automated processes that the ISV can configure in CodeMeter License Central
    • Transfer licenses into a new CmContainer
    • Recover lost licenses
    • New in release 3.20: Delete lost licenses
    • Recover lost CmContainers
    • Lock lost CmContainers
  • Automated processes that the ISV can trigger manually
    • Automated updates
    • New in release 3.20: Withdraw licenses
    • New in release 3.21: Replace licenses
    • Reset all licenses in a CmContainer
  • Special automated processes
    • Push updates without a renewed license request file
    • Acknowledge the actions performed
  • Automated processes that are only possible from a CmActLicense to a CmDongle

Don’t get stuck in a rut. Master CodeMeter License Central license automation and gain precious hours for what matters the most in your software publishing business

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