OPC UA Security: Native and Add-on Solutions for the Rise of Smart Factories


The Industrial Internet of Things has set the stage for the convergence of Operations Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT), that is, the plant floor and the higher-level IT infrastructure. One of the many aspects of this transitional journey is represented by M2M communications.

OPC UA is a multi-platform, plug & play Information Exchange Standard for industrial smart automation and cloud networking. It standardizes communications within machines, between machines, and from machines to smart systems, securely networked with IoT architectures.

As a member of the OPC Foundation, Wibu-Systems has been an early adopter of the OPC UA standard in Industrie 4.0 projects like IUNO, the German national reference project for IT security in Industrie 4.0, S4SmartPro, the key finder prototype production line of SmartFactoryKL, and OpSit, the optimal use of smart items technologies in healthcare.

As recently pointed out in the Industrial Internet Security Framework as well, it is endpoints, i.e. the device or cloud-based components that have interfaces for network communication, that are particularly vulnerable in a world of cyber-physical systems connected to open networks. The Unified Automation ANSI C based and High Performance OPC UA SDKs, powered by CodeMeter Embedded, fully support the OPC UA defined Security Profiles and configurations and provide even stronger security for modern M2M communications. Secret information, like RSA private keys, certificates, and trust lists, is stored in a hardware secure element and protected from theft and tampering attacks. In a time when intellectual property is shifting in the value chain from hardware to software, manufacturers now also have new opportunities to capitalize on their software and offer feature-based, time-based, version-based, or pay-per-use models to scale up their offerings, expand their market share, and produce recurrent revenues.

Join Thomas J. Burke, President and Executive Director of the OPC Foundation, and Oliver Winzenried, CEO and co-founder of Wibu-Systems, for an insightful conversation on:

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In this one-hour session, we are going to navigate you through a journey of exploration that will touch upon:

  • The elements of innovation in smart manufacturing
  • The connection requirements for M2M in the IIoT age
  • The building blocks of the OPC Unified Architecture
  • Use cases that are accelerating the rise of Smart Factories
  • The integration of CodeMeter in the OPC UA standard
  • The OPC UA security extension for endpoints

Working with Windows, Linux, macOS, or Android? With minimal embedded controllers up to massive cloud infrastructures? OPC UA and CodeMeter are equally suited, scalable, and secure, and most of all integrated in a streamlined fashion to provide the ultimate technology in access control, authentication, and encryption.

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