The planned solution represents the application of novel cryptographic methods based on the mathematically mappable rules and concepts of homomorphous cryptography (HE). It will test new options for implementing HE mathematical procedures that could be considered “pseudo-HE”. The partial application of mathematical or cryptographic procedures in CodeMeter secure elements (SE) represents a particular technical challenge that will be addressed with Kontron as project partner on the basis of established approaches (including open source solutions).

A low-level and low-latency API will be made available with SE hardware support to allow the implementation of specific sensitive HE functions with particularly robust protections on SE hardware.

The new HE protections are to be integrated as an industrial app store on embedded systems, as the platform, and edge servers that form part of a cloud infrastructure.

The software whitelisting feature will provide a safeguard against platform retargeting as a complementary software provision function (apps) for embedded systems, adding to license management as an established channel for software provisioning.

Another feature to be developed will serve as a security watchdog reset for embedded systems.


  • Kontron Modular Computers SAS
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