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Press Reviews


Think tank for IT talent

German only

Source: Web & Mobile Developer (27 Febraury 2022)

Joining forces for cybersecurity

German only

Source: (16 February 2022)

New technological lighthouse for IT security

German only - includes video interview with Oliver Winzenried

Source: (26 January 2022)

Digital sovereignty and cyber security

Italian only

Source: Italia 4.0 (13 December 2021)

Cybersecurity and brand protection

Italian only

Source: Fieldbus & Networks (2 December 2021)


German only

Source: Spot On! by DekoLight (26 November 2021)

Like herding a bag of fleas

German only

Source: Computer & Automation ( 23 November 2021)

IT Security Club in the House of IT Security

German only

Source: KA-IT-Si (18 November 2021)

Automation becomes a community affair

German only

Source: Industrieanzeiger (11 November 2021)