Wibu-Systems joins the debut exhibitors at the medical technology expo T4M


Important take-aways for medical device makers at the fairgrounds and on stage

Software protection and licensing with CodeMeter for medical devices like Fritz Stephan’s EVE emergency ventilation units.

Karlsruhe, Germany – The newest trade fair for the medical technology industry, T4M, is opening its doors for the first time in Stuttgart, Germany between 7 and 9 May 2019. Wibu-Systems will be among the first exhibitors at this premiere, joining the VDMA collective booth B24 in Hall 9. The software contained in medical devices represents invaluable intellectual property that deserves the best possible protections. Visitors at the booth can learn how CodeMeter technology can help them protect and license their software and make the most out of the new security capabilities.

CodeMeter is the right choice for new and retrofitted medical devices. The devices’ operating systems can be delivered in encrypted form with their license stored either in a hardware CmDongle or a CmActLicense activation file. The tough encryptions prevent product piracy and reverse engineering, while digital certificates safeguard the integrity of the software.

On top of protecting their software, medical technology enterprises can find great value in licensing systems, e.g. for enabling software features. With CodeMeter License Central, individual functions and features can be readied for automatic activation upon purchase by the user. Even if the device has already been sold and is active in the field, additional software features can be marketed and activated in a post-sale stage. This flexibility gives device makers access to completely new revenue opportunities.

Oliver Winzenried, CEO of Wibu-Systems and member of the board of directors of the medical technology working group of the VDMA, will be speaking about “Medical Device Makers Combining Security with Innovative Business” on 8 May between 11:30 am and 12:00 pm on the Blue stage. His presentation will explain how effective security measures are indispensable for protecting the settings of medical devices and shielding confidential patient data from prying eyes. The Wibu-Systems’ protection concept has been designed for the makers of medical devices, the machine operators, and the patients to benefit from a true win-win-win solution.

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