CodeMeter Cloud Lite: Lite as Air, Clever as Ever


Cloud licensing capabilities perfectly aligned for SaaS applications

Wibu-Systems’ CodeMeter Cloud Lite makes licensing easier for SaaS applications.

Wibu-Systems, the German forerunner for protection, licensing, and security solutions for the software industry, continues to expand its cloud footprint with a new version of CmCloudLite, the slimmed-down edition of its full-featured CmCloud technology. With all the familiar licensing capabilities on board and with integration into existing backend solutions made easy, the latest Cloud option brings the popular CodeMeter experience to the leaner and resource-conscious world of mobile and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications.

True to its principle of total compatibility, the CmCloud licensing service works with all the capabilities provided by CodeMeter Protection Suite, the versatile toolkit for manually or automatically encrypting and licensing applications when running software in insecure environments. But not every use case needs all these protection functions on board: Software developers or firms running software already in secure environments might want to forego these protection capabilities in favor of a slimmer solution and smaller footprint. CmCloudLite was created with their needs in mind.

CmCloudLite is the dedicated solution for licensing software in a secure cloud environment without the additional protection functions of CodeMeter Protection Suite. It does so by teaming up with an existing Single-Sign-On (SSO) system to realize the CmCloud vision of truly user-centric licenses: Licenses that allow users to run their software from the cloud, wherever and on whichever device they are, without the need for physical (CmDongle) or software (CmActLicense) containers. Unlike CmCloud’s tool of choice for binding known users or user groups to a license – the credential file – which does not need an SSO system in place to function, CmCloudLite leverages the use cases that typically rely on the presence of such a system, such as SaaS applications. This turns the entire licensing environment into a nimble and lean partnership: As long as the users are signed on to their SSO server, CmCloudLite uses its interfaces, including OAuth2 or SAML, to check and see that the license in question indeed goes with the active user account on that server.

The end result: A slim and secure cloud licensing solution. Like every member of the CodeMeter family, licenses are created, managed, and distributed via the popular CodeMeter License Central or its custom web portal iterations, and the entire system is just as readily integrated with existing ERP and e-commerce setups for a cleaner business operating model and a neater user experience. CmCloudLite realizes all CodeMeter software licensing and monetization capabilities, while perfectly remodeled for the makers and providers of Software-as-a-Service.

Ruediger Kuegler, VP Sales and Security Expert at Wibu-Systems, sees the company’s spirit at work in CmCloudLite: “As an IT security vendor, we are all about compatibility, ease of use, and a sense for what really matters. CmCloudLite is tailored perfectly for the job it is meant for: Making the licensing life easier for cloud-based software that already has its security sorted out.”

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