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Wibu-Systems International

With subsidiaries in the USA and China and sales offices in England, Ireland, Spain, Belgium and the Netherlands, as well as distributors around the world, WIBU-SYSTEMS AG can truly be considered a “Real Global Player”. The company’s international focus means not only do Wibu customers receive support in their native language, they also benefit from quick and direct access to distribution channels in their country. 

WIPS 2011

From 6th-9th July, partners and distributors from around the world were invited to attend the “Wibu-Systems International Partner Summit“, also known as WIPS, which took place at headquarters in Karlsruhe. Participants attended from 16 different countries for training in the latest products.

WIPS gives participants a chance to exchange experiences they have had with customers. Important information can be fed back to R&D for use in future Wibu product developments. During the annual summit participants also receive training in how to use and integrate our software protection solutions, and could discuss the current development status of CodeMeter® product properties. Hence all members of the Wibu family learn to appreciate global customer requirements in a diversity of industries and markets. Specialist training seminars have been and still are the basis of the worldwide service offered by WIBU-SYSTEMS AG.

The round-table talks about future product development are an integral part of this summit. They ensure we continue to meet the stringent requirements of our customers who depend on Wibu-Systems for long-lasting and future-proof solutions.

This international meeting in Karlsruhe also coordinates the worldwide trade fairs, training seminars and events, such as the Hackers Contest from 9th to 24th November 2011, the Softool trade fair in Moscow, and Secure Code seminars in Shanghai, London, Brussels, Madrid, Barcelona and Amsterdam, to mention just a few locations.

Supporting program 

An attractive supporting program accompanied the summit. It offered our international partners the chance to learn about the cultural context of the Karlsruhe location. For example, it included a visit to the casemates beneath the Germersheim Fortification. Family members were also welcome to come along.


The Wibu-Systems International Partner Summit 2011 can be considered a success. As feedback from guests confirmed, everyone returned home well-trained in the latest know-how and newly motivated to advise customers in their country about optimal methods to protect and license software. 


KEYnote 22 – Edition Fall 2011

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