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Wibu-Systems International Partner Summit 2023

For most, summer means travelling, discovering new places, meeting new people, and in some cases, simply enjoying life. That is also true for Wibu-Systems: We took the opportunity of the quieter summer days to gather our team in Germany and our colleagues from our subsidiaries worldwide to our new campus in Karlsruhe. For many of our colleagues, this was the first chance to meet up again in person after four years, and they came from the US, Japan, China, South Africa, the Benelux states, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, and the UK for our meet-up, training, and team building event: WIPS, the Wibu-Systems International Partner Summit.

The success of WIPS came from its full and engaging agenda, including workshops with regional use cases as well as technical training classes about our product innovations. Joining up with colleagues and friends from the entire Wibu community let the participants discover more about our strategy and vision, learn about the specific situations in their respective countries and markets, and feed their new insights and product ideas into our roadmap for even better solutions for our clients. But WIPS was not just about working hard together: the participants enjoyed the sunset views from rooftop of our head office, fine dining, and a trip to the historic spa town of Baden-Baden.

In sum, the WIPS gathering was more than a series of meetings; it was a fusion of minds aimed at enhancing our collaborative efforts and solutions for clients globally. This confluence of talents, hailing from different parts of the world, resulted in a synergy that promises to elevate not just our individual performances, but also the efficiency and effectiveness of the entire Wibu-Systems ecosystem. By sharing best practices, uncovering new opportunities, and investing in continuous education, we‘ve laid a strong foundation for innovation and excellence that benefits all stakeholders. The Wibu-Systems International Partner Summit was not just a memorable event; it was a step forward in achieving unparalleled performance in the industry.


KEYnote 46 – Edition Fall/Winter 2023

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