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Team Building and Training

Cooperation, professionalism, and organizational competencies are the key factors for success in our times. While solutions are getting more sophisticated every day, the common expectation is that they can be used intuitively. In order to achieve that balance, you need regular training and professional guidance when developing solutions.

Wibu-Systems places a premium on training and education. That is why we offer regular courses for our German and international staff and our distribution partners. There are also regular open and in-house seminars for our clients, conducted in Karlsruhe or on site at the client. Please contact us if you are interested!

Professional qualifications are one side of the coin. Enjoying work, identifying with one’s business, and cooperating with others are the other side. Where better to demonstrate these qualities than on board a ship? In a team building exercise during our WIPS 2016 (Wibu-Systems International Partner Summit) in July, we became the crew of the Imperial Roman Navy’s Lusoria Rhenana. At a length of 18 meters, width of 2.80 m, and a mast height of 9 m, the Germersheim-based ship is a faithful reproduction of the original “Navis lusoria”. The five-ton vessel was part of the nimble river navy of the late Roman empire. The Lusoria Rhenana offers room for 24 oarsmen (and women). With twelve oars on each side, perfect coordination is necessary to navigate the waters of the Rhine.

The enriching experience displayed our team spirit and demonstrated how we literally all pull in the same direction to achieve a common goal.


KEYnote 32 – Edition Fall 2016

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