Students' Day: Discover what developers do at Wibu-Systems

Wibu-Systems, Zimmerstrasse 5, Karlsruhe, Germany

Wibu-Systems is hosting a very special Students’ Day on 10 November. Visitors have a chance to take a look behind the curtains and see what software development means in practice. Interested undergraduates can come to the Wibu-Systems Campus on Zimmerstrasse 5 in Karlsruhe after 3 pm, learn more about how a worldwide favorite security solution is made, and discover the internships, dissertation research opportunities, and places for working students that are available at the security, protection, and licensing specialist.



  • Welcome
  • Lightning Talks/Pitches:        
    • Rust – The 'most loved programming language' in actual use
    • What do soup recipes and open source documents have in common?
    • Multithreading as a challenge: "What is this, software development for ants?"
    • "Help, my server is too slow!"
    • What does AI have to do with security?
  • TechTalk:
    • Fighting dragons with dragons
  • A tour of Wibu-Systems’ modern production facilities
  • Meet and greet with the software developers of Wibu-Systems
  • Get-together: Food and drinks in the Wibu-Systems Cafeteria
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