SPS - Smart Production Solutions

2023-11-14 - 2023-11-16
NürnbergMesse, Messeplatz 1, Nuremberg, Germany

Delving into the evolving landscape of automation, the SPS event is a confluence of innovation and possibility. From the simplicity of sensors to the ambitious dream of a fully digitalized industrial domain, SPS encapsulates the entire spectrum of smart and digital automation. With experts showcasing advancements in control technology, IPCs, drive systems, HMI devices, and beyond, the event is a mosaic of insights. Catering to professionals from diverse sectors like automotive production, engineering, and industrial IT, SPS stands as a testament to the future of automation.

What will Wibu-Systems bring to SPS this year?

AxProtector Python – Our Answer for Machine Learning

In the machine learning lifecycle, assets like training data, configuration, and the trained model are paramount. While the CIA triad (Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability) is foundational, threats are evolving. Beyond just data theft, concerns of data poisoning and unauthorized knowledge extraction emerge. Questions to ponder include: Can our trained model be illicitly accessed? Can attackers compromise our model's integrity? Might a malicious entity exploit leaked training insights?
Discover how AxProtector Python fortifies your ML journey. Join us!

Virtualized Software – Secure Licensing for Docker Containers in Embedded Environments

In today's digital world, virtual environments open up many possibilities, ranging from local virtual machines to cloud-based solutions and containers such as Docker and Podman. While the primary goal of virtualization is to encapsulate the underlying system in a sandbox, CodeMeter requires a secure anchor to bind licenses to a virtual machine or container. This secure anchor can be provided through CmDongles, license servers in local networks or in the cloud (CmCloudContainer), and soft-containers (CmActLicenses) bound to the target device.
Learn how CodeMeter fulfills the requirements for secure licensing in virtual environments.

NVIDIA GPUs and Protection of AI Models

Embedded devices with NVIDIA cards are typically used for applications that require substantial graphical or computational capabilities. NVIDIA, particularly with their Jetson series, provides powerful GPUs for embedded systems. Uses cases include robotics, drones, medical imaging, edge computing, surveillance and security, automotive, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), Machine Learning & AI at the edge, and even digital signage & kiosks.
Learn how AxProtector Python File Encryption works out of the box with NVIDIA.

Novel Flagship Store for OI4 Community for Industrial Applications

The Flagship Store for OI4 Community is a collaboration between the Open Industry 4.0 Alliance and Hilscher. It aims to create an open, standardized, and secure marketplace for industrial apps. The platform facilitates real transactions with standard payment methods and legal contracts between publishers and users. Built on container technology, it simplifies app deployment on industrial PCs and edge gateways. Wibu-Systems’ CodeMeter ensures IP protection through automatic encryption and licensing.
Join Wibu-Systems, Hilscher, and OI4 at sps to unlock the future of industrial apps!

CmReady – Our Partnership with Swissbit

CmReady® is a revolutionary CodeMeter-driven hybrid alternative on third-party certified mass storage devices. Combining CmActLicense software-only license container qualities with CmDongle portability, CmReady memory cards offer unmatched power and efficiency. Premiering are Swissbit’s DP cards in SD & microSD form factor, using on-board security for license binding directly to the card, ensuring effortless plug-and-play license mobility. Ideal for industry users valuing portability.
Don't miss out – See CmReady in action at our booth!





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