No Time to Idle – License availability for business continuity

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For software developers and the makers of smart systems, licensing is a key element in their software’s or hardware’s monetization strategies. Licensing solutions like CodeMeter empower them to protect their invaluable intellectual property, prevent product piracy, and sell as many licenses as possible. At the same time, their customers want to know that the licenses will actually be available whenever they need them: Losing valuable working hours or having your machines running idle because of a missing license would be the worst-case scenario. This goes for modern, automated production lines as are common in the automotive industry and elsewhere, but it can be even more relevant for applications running critical infrastructures or for global enterprises that cannot afford to waste their limited maintenance opportunities or even shift operations from continent to continent simply because one regional license is missing.

No Time to Idle: Making sure that licenses are reliably available to avoid systems or parts of systems falling idle might not be a matter for a 00 agent of His Majesty’s Secret Service, but it can be a matter of commercial life and death for many companies or sectors of industry. This is where CodeMeter’s Triple Mode Redundancy comes in: A high-availability licensing environment that uses a concept of two-out-of-three fail-proof TMR servers and robust data center technology. A cluster of five servers, including two load balancers and three license servers, works together to make sure that the licensing environment keeps doing its job as long as two of the three licensing servers are up and running. This guarantees that licenses are available for their users whenever they need them.

This webinar offers an insight into the design and operation of the CodeMeter TMR server concept.

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We will be covering a lot of ground in this webinar:

  • When does a high-availability system make sense, and when is it a must-have?
  • A look at the structure of a high-availability system
  • A deep-dive into the Triple Mode Redundancy concept (two-out-of-three)
  • Designing and running the high-availability system
  • Using licenses in the high-availability environment of a TMR setup
  • Integrating TMR into the standard license logistics and back-office processes

This webinar is meant for people already familiar with the CodeMeter technology who want to know more about high-availability systems in general and the power of the CodeMeter TMR server in particular.

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