Automate 2023

2023-05-22 - 2023-05-25
Detroit, Michigan, USA

Automate 2023 is hosted by the Association for Advancing Automation (A3), North America’s largest automation trade association. A3 represents more than 1,100 organizations involved in robotics, artificial intelligence, machine vision & imaging, machine learning, robotics, motion control & motors, and other related automation technologies. The event features more than 600 exhibitors, 200 speakers, and 25,000 registrants, all looking to capitalize on a myriad of advanced automation technologies.

In an era of connected software-driven innovations emerging across most every industry, the industrial automation sector has undergone a dramatic shift towards digital transformation. Software is indispensable for controlling critical functions, collecting and analyzing data, and monetizing applications through flexible licensing schemes. And, storing and managing licensing in the cloud, presents even more options. However, software is also one of the most vulnerable vectors for malicious attacks, including reverse engineering, code cloning, code tampering and counterfeiting (product piracy).

Wibu-Systems has been dedicated to the art of software licensing and software protection since 1989. Manufacturers around the globe use our CodeMeter system to protect their software and digital assets with strong encryption, authentication and access control technology while enabling new software monetization strategies with a flexible licensing entitlement management system.

Wibu-Systems’ representatives will attend Automate 2023 and speak with advanced automation companies on ways to license and protect their IP investments in software and connected systems. If you will be at the show, we would love to spend a few minutes with you sharing our experiences in the automaton industry and learning about your IP protection challenges. If interested, just schedule a spot on the calendar and we'll find a place to meet.



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