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Embedded security in ARM-based microcontrollers

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CodeMeter µEmbedded from Wibu-Systems enhances the standard tool chain to provide secure firmware updates or functional upgrades in embedded systems built around the XMC4000 microcontrollers made by Infineon Technologies. This ARM Cortex™ family features a huge set of connectivity peripherals and is designed for controls of industrial applications, especially in harsh environments. It predominantly addresses five target markets: factory automation, building automation, transportation, power and energy, and home and professional applications. What these have in common is the many and diverse security challenges they face.

With CodeMeter µEmbedded, software developers of field programmable gate arrays and microcontrollers can protect their application code and intellectual property against reverse engineering and implement a license control system. The technology represents a practical answer to common security needs: How to protect intellectual property that is shared with a contractor from cloning, how to provide secure firmware upgrades in the field, how to make sure that only authorized devices are built in factory machines, or how to enable additional functionality in a microcontroller that is already operational in the field.

The tools for the protection of the application code are fully integrated in the development platform DAVE™. The user-friendly dialogue frontend of CodeMeter µEmbedded created for the DAVE plugin is a great help also to those developers who have little cryptography skills in their arsenal. In one single dialogue, they are able to input all required security settings to guarantee the effective and thorough integrity protection of their machine code.

Product branding was updated since the webcast took place; please note that:

  • µCodeMeter has become CodeMeter µEmbedded
  • μCmE has become CmµE
  • μExEngine has become ExEngine
  • μCmActLicense has become CmActLicense
  • μExProtector has become ExProtector