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Cifras y Hechos


Lea más sobre los hitos importantes en la historia de Wibu-Systems desde su fundación en 1989.


  • To expand its worldwide presence, Wibu-Systems has opened a new wholly owned daughter 
    company, WIBU-SYSTEMS K.K., in Tokyo, Japan, which adds to the existing subsidiaries in Europe, U.S., and the Asia-Pacific region. The new Far Eastern stronghold is going to provide dedicated expertise to local software-powered businesses and intelligent device manufacturers.
  • After three years of collaborative research between its 21 members, the IUNO project (the German national reference project for cyber-security in Industrie 4.0) has delivered innovative use cases. In particular, Wibu-Systems took part in three live demonstrations: a secure and cloud-based technology data marketplace with TRUMPF, the hardening of Balluff’s OPC UA reader with a CodeMeter secure element, and IP protection and licensing with an Infineon TPM.
  • Oliver Winzenried was chosen as one of the “Managers of the Year 2018” in the Manager of the year 2018“Pioneers & Innovators“ category in a survey of more than 7,000 readers of Markt&Technik, the German weekly electronics magazine. At the award ceremony, he announced the forthcoming opening of the House of IT Security in Karlsruhe, Germany, which will gather other enterprises, start-ups, and researchers in the pursuit of greater technological goals.



  • Blurry Box LogoTo prove the robustness and validity of Blurry Box, we held a global hackers’ contest; hundreds took part and worked hard to crack a game protected with Blurry Box over three full weeks. The independent jury consisting of leading IT security scientists proved that no single exploit was fully successful. The sum of €50,000 that was originally offered for a complete hacking solution went towards further research and development.
  • Blurry Box cryptography technology, now fully integrated into 2017 Electronic Product of the year Wibu-Systems’ CodeMeter protection, licensing, and security platform, received the Product of the Year award from Electronic Product magazine. The jury took into account the need for greater security that today’s digitized industrial world depends on to realize the complete vision of Industrie 4.0.

  • Unprecedently, CodeMeter has received acclaim in two SIIA Business Technology CODiE Awards categories, winning as the Best Content Rights & Entitlement Solution and being named finalist in the Best Endpoint Management Solution category. This achievement underlines CodeMeter flexible and agnostic capability to serve the traditional software industry and the Industrial Internet of Things alike.
  • Wibu-Systems has signed up three new major memberships with Dell IoT Solutions Partner Program, Plattform Industrie 4.0, and OSADL, all meant to reinforce our commitment towards secure IoT deployments, create new momentum for the digital transformation, and strengthen open innovation and open source projects with software protection.


  • The Industrial Internet Consortium releases the Industrial Internet Security Framework, a compendium for IoT architects that defines the major characteristics of trustworthiness characteristics: Security, Safety, Reliability, Resilience, and Privacy. As one of the primary authors, Wibu-Systems has co-authored the publication and taken part in a number of high profile panels worldwide.
  • Trusted Computing GroupWibu-Systems becomes an active member of the Trusted Computing Group (TCG), the Alliance for Industrial Internet (AII) in China, and the European Cyber Security Organization (ECSO).
  • Wibu-Systems builds a solid multi-level penetration strategy for CodeMeter and establishes partnerships not only with software publishers and machine and device manufacturers, but also with IoT boards, gateways, modules, Embedded Computing Technology systems, and microcontrollers vendors.
  • Successful implementation of an Industrie 4.0 security framework for intelligent productionRecognizing that Industrie 4.0 can only take off if holistic and sustainable security architectures are implemented, Wibu-Systems has successfully implemented a security framework for intelligent production with the Research Department of Innovative Factory Systems of the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI). The key finder prototype production line at SmartFactoryKL offers all manufacturing vendors the opportunity to test security preventative security measures.
  • With a number of successful use cases in the healthcare field in its arsenal, Wibu-Systems first exhibits at Compamed/Medica, Duesseldorf, Germany, and shows medical suppliers and healthcare product developers how CodeMeter leverages innovative cyber security solutions and software-based business models in line with the economy and technology changes of our times.


  • Industrial-Internet-Consortium-Member LogoWibu-Systems joins the Industrial Internet Consortium, an international, not-for-profit association that coordinates vast ecosystem initiatives to set secure architectural frameworks for the connected industry
  • Wibu-Systems is selected to become part of IUNO, the German National Reference Project for IT security in Industrie 4.0, whose mission is to provide operational, robust, efficient, and scalable blueprints for medium-sized manufacturers
  • Infineon Security Partner NetworkWibu-Systems is one of the first security partners to sign up to ISPN, the Infineon Security Partner Network, which offers a constellation of security solutions to providers of connected devices and applications
  • In a collaborative project with Belden, Deutsche Telekom, and Infineon, Wibu-Systems demonstrates a secure communication setup between remote production sites to furnish Industrie 4.0 with practical security models “Made in Germany”
  • Oliver Winzenried, CEO and founder of Wibu-Systems, is awarded the title of “Manager of the Year” in the “Automation” category by the readers of the German weekly electronics newspaper “Markt&Technik”


  • 25-year anniversary: a milestone in Wibu-Systems's history that underlines the dedication to protection, licensing and security of the company
  • Wibu-Systems is named SIIA Content CODiE Awards winner for Best Content Rights and Delivery Solution
  • Wibu-Systems showcases a comprehensive cyber-security solution deeply integrated in VxWorks® to safeguard IoT devices
  • The leading technology for security in the embedded world, CodeMeter Embedded Driver, is completely redesigned
  • The new encryption method BlurryBox® is born and gains the first prize at the 5th German IT Security Awards
  • CodeMeter supports a new Linux flavor; the new preconfigured SDK includes the RaspberryPi version “Compute Module”


  • Wibu-Systems enters a strategic partnership with Wind River, resulting in the first ever out-of-the box solution for facilitated development, IP protection and license management of VxWorks-based control systems
  • Wibu-Systems joins the Alliance for Security, as part of its mission to secure connected applications
  • CmCard/CFast

    New CodeMeter form factors (CmCard/CFast, CmStick/IV) are released with industrial automation in mind, offering a space saving design, extended temperature range, and highly reliable fast memory features
  • CmWAN is launched to answer licensing needs in the cloud
  • New Wibu-Systems offices are opened in France


  • Incrementamos recursos en  desarrollo, soporte, ventas y consultoría.
  • Mejoramos las prestaciones de  AxProtector  soportando aplicaciones .Net  en modo mixto  y Wind River VxWorks.
  • 3S CODESYSNuevo firmware CmDongle actualizable desde las aplicaciones de los ISVs.  Cifrado de claves RSA 2048 y "período de mantenimiento" como modelo de licencia.
  • Integración de  CodeMeter con CoDeSys IEC 61131-3. Herramientas de desarrollo de sistemas . 
  • Nuevo miembro de la fundación OPC y enorme propulsión de alianzas de automatización industrial.


  • El primer lugar para Wibu-Systems en los premios de Seguridad Baden-Wuerttemberg para la prevención de la piratería de productos
  • Introducción CmStick / T: Seguridad de certificados de tiempo con batería para respaldo del reloj
  • Introducción CmStick / C: Dongle más pequeño para protección de software


  • Proyecto I+D VitaBIT y Pro-Protect concluyó con éxito
  • Nuevo distribuidor "Rainbow Security" se estableció en Moscú
  • WIBU-SYSTEMS (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. abre nueva oficina en Beijing
  • WibuKey protege el software de WATCHOUT en la Expo 2010 en Shanghai
  • Protección de software con VxWorks en tiempo real del sistema operativo
  • WIBU-SYSTEMS invicto en el concurso de hackers en China
  • CodeMeter® ofrece protección para computación en la nube
  • La introducción de un nuevo factor de forma: CmCard/microSD
  • Finalista del Premio SIIA Codie en la categoría "Mejor Solución de Gestión de Derechos Digitales"


  • 20º aniversario de Wibu-Systems
  • Introducción de CodeMeter License Central para crear, gestionar y entregar las licencias
  • Primer dongle en formato CmCard / SD y CmCard / CF
  • Galardonado con premio SIIA Codie en la categoría de "Mejor Solución Gestión de Derechos Digitales"
  • CodeMeter®  compatible con Mac OS X sistema operativo Leopard


CmAct Logo
  • Introducción de "CodeMeterAct" solución basada en software
  • WIBU-SYSTEMS abre oficina en España
  • Microsoft Gold Certified Partner
  • Coordinación del proyecto BMWI VitaBIT soluciones de seguridad móvil
  • Coordinación del proyecto Pro-BMBF para proteger sistemas integrados


  • Primer Concurso mundial Hacker (premio de € 32.768 o 40.000 dólares EE.UU.) ¡CmDongle no hackeado!
  • Finalista en los Premios Codie SIIA en la categoría "Mejor Gestión de Derechos Digitales"


  • Nominado al premio de Diseño de la República Federal de Alemania
  • Patentes CodeMeter® concedidos en los EE.UU. y Japón. Nuevas patentes solicitadas
  • Finalista en los Premios Codie SIIA en la categoría de "Mejor Software de Seguridad"
  • Wibu-Systems abre oficinas en el Reino Unido


  • Premio de diseño iF, Alemania
  • Por primera vez finalista en los Premios Codie SIIA en la categoría de "Mejor Solución de Gestión de Derechos Digitales: Software"
  • WIBU-SYSTEMS (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. se abre en China


CmStick Plastic with Clip
  • CmStick / M: primer dongle con disco flash 
  • Premio iF de diseño, China
  • Patente Europeo expedido para CodeMeter®
  • Wibu-Systems abre oficinas en Benelux


  • Plataforma de protección independiente para las aplicaciones Java
  • Wibu-Systems abre oficina en China


  • Primer Concurso Hacker WibuKey anunciado
  • Introducción protección de documentos con SmartShelter
  • Participación en la quinta edición de I+D de framework CE
  • WIBU-SYSTEMS EE.UU. Inc. fundada


  • Todos los productos WibuKey obtenienen el listado UL (Underwriter Laboratories) para los EE.UU. / Canadá


  • 10º aniversario de WIBU-SYSTEMS
  • Edificio propio de la compañia en Karlsruhe, Alemania


  • Certificación según la norma ISO 9001


  • Aumento de capital y cambio de tipo de sociedad a WIBU-SYSTEMS AG


  • Presentación por primera vez de un Dongle como tarjeta PCMCIA, presentado en el COMDEX / Fall, Las Vegas,


  • Cambio de tipo de sociedad a WIBU-SYSTEMS GmbH


  •  WIBU-SYSTEMS fundada por Marcellus Buchheit y Oliver Winzenried
  • La idea de la WibuBox como dispositivo de seguridad para interfaz LPT es desarrollado por primera vez