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Узнать больше о важных этапах жизни компании Wibu-Systems, основанной в 1989 году.


  • After the successful conclusion of the original IUNO project, Germany’s national reference project for cyber-security in Industrie 4.0, in 2018, Wibu-Systems is back to lead IUNO2PAKT, a new iteration working to reinforce the security and resilience of the modern industrial landscape. Wibu-Systems contributes its novel CodeMeter Certificate Vault technology to facilitate the use of certificates as a currency of trust in machine communication. Designed to work with the OPC UA stacks used extensively in industrial automation and adding the versatility of CodeMeter’s choice of containers for certificates, the approach promises to add the necessary ease-of-use and reliable security that certificates need to realize their full potential for the connected industry of tomorrow.
  • Joining the high-profile SiEvEI 4.0 consortium spearheaded by Siemens AG, Wibu-Systems contributes its expertise to the development and introduction of a strong hardware and software chain of trust (COT) that is needed to guarantee the agility and responsiveness promised by the vision of smart factories and Industry 4.0. With Wibu-Systems’ expertise in the field of secure smart items and certificate management, the SiEvEI 4.0 project is expanding the potential of the existing technology to provide AI-powered, holistic protection, monitoring, and management capabilities for smart manufacturing systems.
  • Coinciding with Wibu-Systems’ own construction projects for the erection of its next headquarters and the House of IT Security, the DigiFab4KMU project is taking recent advances in computer-aided planning and construction as well as building information management (BIM) to a new level with an integrated virtualization system that brings the idea of digital twins from the industrial automation world to the field of construction and building management. Wibu-Systems benefits from the system as one of its pioneering users and brings its own experiences and insights to the table for the design of optimized Industry-4.0-standard processes in industrial construction.


  • As Wibu-Systems continues to grow on a global scale and its CodeMeter technology is being embraced by an ever larger user base, the team and its solutions are receiving international plaudits and acknowledgement for the value they contribute. In particular, the company has won the GLOBAL foreign trade award for its business expansion into global markets. CmStick/B received the coveted iF Design Award for its elegant, sturdy, and compact housing. The new CodeMeter Certificate Vault was met with great acclaim at SPS, where it topped the Best-in-Show Award and won a strong runner-up position for the Automation Award. Finally, CodeMeter also made a splash at the Innovation Awards in Italy, the Best Healthcare IoT Security Solution Awards in the US, and the Milestones in Electronics Awards in Germany.
  • 1989-2019: Wibu-Systems is proud to play an active role in enabling the strength and securing the future of the global economy. Our work represents an important contribution to the protection of intellectual property, the creation of novel business models, and security everywhere. We strive to inspire trust with transparency and user-friendly solutions. We address the challenges of the digital transformation and connected infrastructures – going beyond the legislative requirements and the commercial interests of our own business – with our commitment to digital sovereignty in our society.
  • With the multitude and variety of threats in the digital world, unity in diversity is the key: the House of IT Security that we are building wall-to-wall with our new head offices is designed to combine academic excellence with enterprising minds to boost IT security research and practice, to act as an amplifier for the agility and energy of growing startups, to attract international companies pursuing IT security projects and academic and commercial partnerships to Karlsruhe, to generate new jobs and revenue in the region, and to become a physical beacon of IT security.
  • Our partnership with the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW) enters a new stage: For several years, we have been offering dual courses in computer science. With the start of the new academic year, we are also participating in dual training for software engineers specializing in business informatics. The results are staggering: 80% of graduates from the dual study courses sign permanent employment contracts long before the end of their studies!
  • Under the leadership of Infineon Technologies AG and as part of the ALESSIO research project Alessioframework, the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied and Integrated Security (AISEC), Giesecke+Devrient Mobile Security, Siemens, the Technical University of Munich, and Wibu-Systems have developed updatable security mechanisms for connected computer applications and embedded systems that can provide state-of-the-art protections over the long term.


  • To expand its worldwide presence, Wibu-Systems has opened a new wholly owned daughter 
    company, WIBU-SYSTEMS K.K., in Tokyo, Japan, which adds to the existing subsidiaries in Europe, U.S., and the Asia-Pacific region. The new Far Eastern stronghold is going to provide dedicated expertise to local software-powered businesses and intelligent device manufacturers.
  • After three years of collaborative research between its 21 members, the IUNO project (the German national reference project for cyber-security in Industrie 4.0) has delivered innovative use cases. In particular, Wibu-Systems took part in three live demonstrations: a secure and cloud-based technology data marketplace with TRUMPF, the hardening of Balluff’s OPC UA reader with a CodeMeter secure element, and IP protection and licensing with an Infineon TPM.
  • Oliver Winzenried was chosen as one of the “Managers of the Year 2018” in the Manager of the year 2018“Pioneers & Innovators“ category in a survey of more than 7,000 readers of Markt&Technik, the German weekly electronics magazine. At the award ceremony, he announced the forthcoming opening of the House of IT Security in Karlsruhe, Germany, which will gather other enterprises, start-ups, and researchers in the pursuit of greater technological goals.



  • Blurry Box LogoTo prove the robustness and validity of Blurry Box, we held a global hackers’ contest; hundreds took part and worked hard to crack a game protected with Blurry Box over three full weeks. The independent jury consisting of leading IT security scientists proved that no single exploit was fully successful. The sum of €50,000 that was originally offered for a complete hacking solution went towards further research and development.
  • Blurry Box cryptography technology, now fully integrated into 2017 Electronic Product of the year Wibu-Systems’ CodeMeter protection, licensing, and security platform, received the Product of the Year award from Electronic Product magazine. The jury took into account the need for greater security that today’s digitized industrial world depends on to realize the complete vision of Industrie 4.0.

  • Unprecedently, CodeMeter has received acclaim in two SIIA Business Technology CODiE Awards categories, winning as the Best Content Rights & Entitlement Solution and being named finalist in the Best Endpoint Management Solution category. This achievement underlines CodeMeter flexible and agnostic capability to serve the traditional software industry and the Industrial Internet of Things alike.
  • Wibu-Systems has signed up three new major memberships with Dell IoT Solutions Partner Program, Plattform Industrie 4.0, and OSADL, all meant to reinforce our commitment towards secure IoT deployments, create new momentum for the digital transformation, and strengthen open innovation and open source projects with software protection.


  • The Industrial Internet Consortium releases the Industrial Internet Security Framework, a compendium for IoT architects that defines the major characteristics of trustworthiness characteristics: Security, Safety, Reliability, Resilience, and Privacy. As one of the primary authors, Wibu-Systems has co-authored the publication and taken part in a number of high profile panels worldwide.
  • Trusted Computing GroupWibu-Systems becomes an active member of the Trusted Computing Group (TCG), the Alliance for Industrial Internet (AII) in China, and the European Cyber Security Organization (ECSO).
  • Wibu-Systems builds a solid multi-level penetration strategy for CodeMeter and establishes partnerships not only with software publishers and machine and device manufacturers, but also with IoT boards, gateways, modules, Embedded Computing Technology systems, and microcontrollers vendors.
  • Successful implementation of an Industrie 4.0 security framework for intelligent productionRecognizing that Industrie 4.0 can only take off if holistic and sustainable security architectures are implemented, Wibu-Systems has successfully implemented a security framework for intelligent production with the Research Department of Innovative Factory Systems of the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI). The key finder prototype production line at SmartFactoryKL offers all manufacturing vendors the opportunity to test security preventative security measures.
  • With a number of successful use cases in the healthcare field in its arsenal, Wibu-Systems first exhibits at Compamed/Medica, Duesseldorf, Germany, and shows medical suppliers and healthcare product developers how CodeMeter leverages innovative cyber security solutions and software-based business models in line with the economy and technology changes of our times.


  • Industrial-Internet-Consortium-Member LogoWibu-Systems joins the Industrial Internet Consortium, an international, not-for-profit association that coordinates vast ecosystem initiatives to set secure architectural frameworks for the connected industry
  • Wibu-Systems is selected to become part of IUNO, the German National Reference Project for IT security in Industrie 4.0, whose mission is to provide operational, robust, efficient, and scalable blueprints for medium-sized manufacturers
  • Infineon Security Partner NetworkWibu-Systems is one of the first security partners to sign up to ISPN, the Infineon Security Partner Network, which offers a constellation of security solutions to providers of connected devices and applications
  • In a collaborative project with Belden, Deutsche Telekom, and Infineon, Wibu-Systems demonstrates a secure communication setup between remote production sites to furnish Industrie 4.0 with practical security models “Made in Germany”
  • Oliver Winzenried, CEO and founder of Wibu-Systems, is awarded the title of “Manager of the Year” in the “Automation” category by the readers of the German weekly electronics newspaper “Markt&Technik”


  • 25-летняя годовщина - этап истории нашей компании, который подчеркивает наше отношение к защите, лицензированию и безопасности
  • Wibu-Systems названа победителем SIIA Content CODiE Award в категории "Best Content Rights and Delivery Solution"
  • Полноценное решение по кибербезопасности, встроенное в VxWorks® для обеспечения защиты устройств класса IoT
  • CodeMeter Embedded Driver - полнофункциональное модернизированное решение, в основу которого входит наша ключевая технология для защиты встраиваемых устройств
  • Первая награда на 5-ой German IT Security: изобретен новый метод шифрования BlurryBox®
  • CodeMeter поддерживает новую версию Linux; новая версия предконфигурированного SDK включает версию RaspberryPi “Compute Module”


  • Стратегическое партнерство с Wind River, в результате которого появилось первое решение "out-of-the box" для упрощенной разработки, защиты интеллектуальной собственности и управления лицензиями для систем контроля на основе VxWorks
  • Новое членство в Allianz für Sicherheit, которое подчеркивает нашу миссию по обеспечению безопасности подключаемых приложений


  • Новые форм-факторы CodeMeter (CmCard/CFast, CmStick/IV), предназначенные для применения в промышленности, которые имеют маленький размер для экономии пространства, расширенный температурный режим и высоконадежную быструю память
  • Запуск CmWAN для решения лицензионных задач в облаке
  • Новый офис во Франции


  • Расширение штата сотрудников (разработки, техническая поддержка, продажи и консалтинг)
  • Расширение функций AxProtector для поддержки .NET mixed mode и Wind River VxWorks
  • 3S CODESYSНовая прошивка CmDongle с функциями обновления полей от разработчиков приложений, шифрование криптоалгоритмом RSA с длинной ключа 2048 бит и лицензионной моделью с опцией “период технической поддержки”
  • Интеграция CodeMeter со средствами разработки CODESYS IEC 61131-3 и целевыми системами
  • Новое членство в OPC и мощных альянсах промышленной автоматизации


  • Первая награда для Wibu-Systems в Баден-Вюртемберге (Baden-Wuerttemberg Security Awards) за предотвращение пиратского мошенничества
  • Введение CmStick/T: безопасные сертификаты времени с часами и батарейкой
  • Введение CmStick/C: самый маленький аппаратный ключ в мире для защиты программного обеспечения


  • R&D проекты VitaBIT и Pro-Protect успешно завершены
  • Появился новый дистрибьютор "Rainbow Security" в Москве
  • WIBU-SYSTEMS (Шанхай) Co. Ltd открывает новый офис в Пекине
  • WibuKey защищает ПО WATCHOUT на выставке Expo 2010 в Шанхае
  • Защита для ПО с использованием операционной системы реального времени VxWorks
  • Wibu-Systems осталась непобежденной на хакерском чемпионате в Китае
  • Первый раз система защиты CodeMeter® доступна для построения защиты в облаке
  • Появление нового форм-фактора: CmCard/microSD
  • Финалист SIIA Codie Award в категории "Best Digital Rights Management Solution"


  • 20-ая годовщина Wibu-Systems
  • CodeMeter License Central для создания, управления и доставки лицензий
  • Первый аппаратный ключ в форм-факторе CmCard/SD и CmCard/CF
  • Победитель SIIA Codie Award в категории "Best Digital Rights Management Solution“
  • CodeMeter® поддерживает ОС Mac OS X Leopard


CmAct Logo
  • Появление "CodeMeterAct" - программного решения для защиты ПО
  • Открытие офиса Wibu-Systems в Испании
  • Получение статуса партнера Microsoft Gold Certified Partner
  • Координация проекта BMWI VitaBIT для безопасности мобильных решений
  • Координация проекта BMBF Pro-Protect для защиты встраиваемых систем


  • Первый в мире хакерский чемпионат для CmStick (призовой фонд составляет 32768 евро или US $ 40000). CmStick не взломан!
  • Финалист SIIA Codie Awards в категории "Best Digital Rights Management“


  • Награда Federal Republic of Germany Design Prize
  • CodeMeter® получил патенты в США и Японии, получены различные патенты
  • Финалист SIIA Codie Awards в категории "Best Security Software“
  • Офис Wibu-Systems открывается в Великобритании


  • iF design Award, Германия
  • Впервые финалист на SIIA Codie Awards в категории "Best Digital Rights Management Solution: Software"“
  • Wibu-Systems (Шанхай) Co. Ltd. Открывается в Китае


CmStick Plastic with Clip
  • CmStick/M: первый аппаратный ключ с флеш-памятью
  • iF design Award, Китай
  • Получение европейского патента для CodeMeter®
  • Открытие офиса Wibu-Systems в Бенелюксе


  • Кросс-платформенная защита для Java-приложений
  • Открытие офиса Wibu-Systems в Китае


  • Анонсирован первый хакерский чемпионат по взлому WibuKey (First WibuKey Hacker’s Contest)
  • Введение в защиту документов со SmartShelter
  • Участие в 5-ом R&D Framework Еврокомиссии
  • Основание WIBU-SYSTEMS USA Inc.


  • Все продукты WibuKey получают заключение UL (Underwriter Laboratories) для США / Канады


  • 10-ая годовщина Wibu-Systems
  • Собственная компания, открытая в Карлсруэ, Германия


  • Сертификация в соответствии со стандартом ISO 9001


  • Увеличение капитала и изменение корпоративной формы WIBU-SYSTEMS AG


  • Первый аппаратный ключ в форм-факторе карты PCMCIA был представлен на COMDEX/Fall в Лас-Вегасе


  • Изменение корпоративной формы WIBU-SYSTEMS GmbH


  • WIBU-SYSTEMS создана Marcellus Buchheit и Oliver Winzenried
  • Сначала появилась идея разработки аппратного ключа WibuBox с LPT-интерфейсом