Wibu-Systems takes up residence on its new Karlsruhe campus


A physical commitment to local IT excellence

Wibu-Systems moves its headquarters into a brand new, eco-friendly facility, alongside its companion, House of IT Security, amidst the vibrant tech community in Karlsruhe.

The global IT security pioneer Wibu-Systems and visionary architecture studio archis have combined their passion for innovative design and commitment to their local roots in Karlsruhe with the creation of a unique corporate campus. A beacon for local IT security expertise, an attractive new home for the city’s tech community, and an experiment in modern office and industrial architecture all rolled into one, the new campus, which houses Wibu-Systems HQ and its sister, the House of IT Security, is set to keep Karlsruhe on the IT innovation map for decades to come. The contribution of IBA Immobilien as project developer, mdbm as project controller, and Wolff+Müller as general contractor helped to make it possible.

Located on Karlsruhe’s old freight yards, the all-new building straddles both sides of the city’s economic and industrial past and future: A traditional hub for commerce and industry on Germany’s historical Rhine axis and a hothouse for tech talent in the new world of connected and smart industry. Built to precise quality standards and with an ambitious eco footprint, the new six-story headquarters accommodates offices, lab and research facilities, and high-tech production resources. With photovoltaic energy, high-tech cooling and heating systems, a careful choice of building materials, and an abundance of charging stations for electric cars and bicycles, special attention was paid to making the building as sustainable and environmentally friendly as it is welcoming and appealing to its occupants. For a company active in the sensitive field of IT security, the design included top-class access controls, special security zones, and highly reliable power and data access.

As a prominent proponent of modern smart industry concepts and novel business models, Wibu-Systems decided to turn to the leading minds in facility and process design for the company’s new production operations. With the expertise and innovative virtual modeling capabilities of the DigiFab4KMU project and the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, the layout and operating logic of Wibu-Systems’ new production site could be flexibly designed, tweaked, and perfected for optimum efficiency, automation, and output quality. In line with the company’s commitment to local talent and excellence − “Made in Germany” − most of the innovative concepts and materials used in constructing the production and office facilities originated in local partnerships or were sourced from vendors in the region.

Alongside the new Wibu-Systems head offices, the House of IT Security is set to welcome a stimulating assembly of entrepreneurs, researchers, and institutional tenants in its fixed-lease units and co-working spaces. Dedicated specifically to talent in the IT security field, the House of IT Security is the perfect companion for Wibu-Systems and another boost for Karlsruhe’s vibrant tech community.

For Oliver Winzenried, founder and CEO of Wibu-Systems, the building marks another stage in the company’s history: “It has not only been a personal vision of mine, but also an expression of what Wibu-Systems is all about: Built for the future, with cutting-edge technology at its core and with uncompromising standards and quality. But it is also built with a sense of place, with our roots here in Karlsruhe and the IT Security Club in the House of IT Security right next door. Made for our people, with great new spaces and facilities to enjoy and to continue to do our best in a place we all love coming to.”

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