Wibu-Systems Joins the Industrial Internet Consortium


Enabling Interoperable Security Reference Architectures for the IoT

Wibu-Systems is now officially a member of the Industrial Internet Consortium.

WIBU-SYSTEMS AG, a global leader for the protection, licensing and security of digital assets and know how, announced today that it has joined the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC), an open membership, international not-for-profit organization that is setting the architectural framework and direction for the Industrial Internet. Founded in 2014, the Industrial Internet Consortium’s mission is to coordinate the vast ecosystem initiatives to connect and integrate objects with people, processes and data using common architectures, interoperability and open standards. Wibu-Systems will be represented in the Consortium by Oliver Winzenried, Co-Founder and CEO of WIBU-SYSTEMS AG and alternatively by Marcellus Buchheit, Co-Founder and President and CEO of Wibu-Systems USA.

As a member of the Industrial Internet Consortium, Wibu-Systems will collaborate with other leaders in technology, manufacturing, academia and government to develop standard requirements that will be proposed to standards organizations for securing the Internet of Things and protecting those globally connected devices, systems and processes from cyberattacks. Wibu-Systems’ CodeMeter platform protects intellectual property and connected devices developed on open platforms against counterfeiting, tampering and cyberattacks. The company’s proven encryption solutions are interoperable with all leading platforms for PCs as well as embedded systems.

Wibu-Systems has been pioneering security solutions for Industry 4.0 for several years. The company is an active partner with VDMA, the German engineering federation, and a contributor to their 2014 study on product piracy. Oliver Winzenried is the chairman of the VDMA Committee for Product Protection and Know How Protection.

“Security plays a major role in the development of testbeds that will contribute to the continued innovation of the Industrial Internet, and it is imperative that the measures taken be determined by the industry players themselves,” said Dr. Richard Soley, Executive Director, Industrial Internet Consortium. “The IIC welcomes Wibu-Systems’ participation as we continue to determine what security measures are necessary to accomplish this goal of a workable infrastructure.”

“As a member of the IIC, we look forward to contributing our security expertise and influencing the development of global security reference architectures for safeguarding the Industrial Internet. Forming strategic partnerships with other global leaders is essential to the development of innovative approaches and technologies for ensuring the safety of people, processes and devices in the ever-evolving Internet-connected industrial world,” said Oliver Winzenried.

“Security will be an essential part of any successful Industrial Internet solution. Wibu-Systems is excited to see that the IIC is serious about security and is working on common standards around the Industrial IoT. It will be our pleasure to bring our in-depth knowledge and experience into these important standardization efforts,” added Marcellus Buchheit.

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