AxProtector IP Protection


Automatic Protection against Reverse Engineering

You are distributing your software for free and without licenses, but you want to know that it is safely protected against reverse engineering to guard your IP? Then AxProtector IP Protection is the perfect solution for you.

You are already using a licensing system for your software, but it offers none or only ineffective protection against reverse engineering? Again, AxProtector IP Protection is the right choice for you.

Or you want to offer your clients a freemium option for your software, enabling them to use it without a license, but limiting certain functions or contents to users who have purchased a license? In this case, the ideal solution for you is a combination of AxProtector IP Protection and CodeMeter Core API or IxProtector.

AxProtector IP Protection is fast and simple to use. The software you want to protect is encrypted completely and placed into a secure shell, the AxEngine, without having to integrate it or change anything in your source code at all. The solution automatically includes cutting-edge anti-debugging and anti-disassembling methods into your software.

Supported Operating Systems

AxProtector IP Protection protects executable applications and libraries on Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android. If your software includes multiple applications and libraries, you can use a combined mode with both protected and unprotected modules. This can also be blended with modules protected with other parts of the CodeMeter Protection Suite, such as AxProtector.

Operational Principle

When using AxProtector IP Protection, you do not need to make any changes to your source code. AxProtector IP Protection is integrated as a post-build process, and it includes the encryption process after your software has been compiled and before the setup is finished. AxProtector IP Protection is available as both a GUI and a command line tool (with the latter being ready for integration in an automatic build system as part of continuous integration).

When the protected software is launched, the AxEngine code is executed first. Compared to software protected with the regular AxProtector, this requires neither CodeMeter Runtime nor a license on the user’s device. AxEngine runs an integrity check to make sure that your software has not been tampered with. AxEngine uses cutting-edge anti-debugging and anti-reverse-engineering technology to recognize threats to your software and shuts it down immediately when any threat or attack is identified.

An AxEngine guard function regularly checks the integrity of your software and the potential presence of any threats.

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