The Effort Performance Relationship in Software Protection


“Less is more” is a popular oxymoron. In software protection, most ISVs might express this commonplace statement as "I would like to achieve maximum protection with minimal effort". But is this possible at all? Can you really expect the strongest encryption method with just a minimum investment in your own resources?

Wibu-Systems has solved this paradox with CodeMeter Protection Suite. Guided tools that encrypt a compiled application or a library in an automatic and secure way are made available for all common platforms. AxProtector, AxProtector .NET, and AxProtector Java are your reliable companions for this rapid and straightforward process.

For the optimal protection of your software application, the code should be split into individual parts and dynamically reassembled at runtime. AxProtector .NET and AxProtector Java take care of this operation in a fully automated fashion for you. But what about native applications and libraries that are protected with AxProtector? In this case, IxProtector, integrated with AxProtector, takes over this procedure for you. You can choose between semi-automatic and fully manual controls.

This is where Translocated Execution enters the scene and inserts automatic decryption routines into your application. In addition to the implementation of simple automatisms, Translocated Execution also moves executable code into memory. Functions are temporally superimposed, so that finding a dedicated function in a memory dump becomes a matter of pure luck for a would-be attacker and a systematic memory dump of all functions becomes practically impossible.

In short, Translocated Execution offers two main advantages:

  • The automatic decryption and execution of the code reduces your manual efforts to a minimum
  • Moving code into memory increases security standards against memory dumps.

Get to know the theory behind Translocated Execution in our next webinar, see the necessary steps live, and learn about the available optimization options. A combination with additional security techniques like traps, which are also an essential part of Blurry Box cryptography, is also possible at any time.

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In this brand new masterclass, we are going to cover some of the core technology concepts and several innovative features:

  • An overview of CodeMeter Protection Suite
  • Basic principles underpinning AxProtector
  • Basic principles underpinning IxProtector
  • Translocated Execution
  • Live demo
  • Security considerations

During this one-hour together, we will prove how extremely secure software protection mechanisms can be implemented with little effort. Translocated Execution will raise the security bar for hackers, as the wizard for AxProtector and IxProtector will automatically disassemble your application into many small parts that are dynamically re-assembled at runtime. A minimalist approach to software protection made possible by CodeMeter Protection Suite.

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