Dominating Industrie 4.0 with Secure Software Licensing

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The future of the industry is digital and intelligent, powered by know-how expressed in software that enables collaborative robotics, Big Data and analytics, IIoT and M2M, augmented and virtual reality, and 3D printing. Collaboration between the makers of innovative solution and manufacturing companies promotes the dissemination of the Automation 4.0 culture, the understanding of its implications for competitiveness, and the implementation of successful use cases. At the core of the new infrastructure, we find Cyber Security 4.0 and Digital Business 4.0, both facilitated by CodeMeter Embedded 2.0.

The brand new generation of CodeMeter Embedded provides a broad spectrum of new features:

  • An extremely compact footprint: the technology is modular, so it’s your choice how to combine the modules you need and build a fully customized solution for your project.
  • Established compatibility with embedded systems and PLCs to cover the complete gamut of intelligent devices you intend to deploy.
  • Wider compatibility with platforms and operating systems; if you use a mainstream system, including ARM, Intel, and PPC, we deliver the corresponding libraries to you; if you use more exotic platforms, the source code is directly available to you.
  • Compatibility with the complete array of Wibu-Systems’ hardware and software secure elements: CmDongles, CmActLicenses, and CmLAN (License Server in a Network).
  • Compatibility with CodeMeter Runtime: no need to pick different solutions for complex architectures; CodeMeter covers all options at once.
  • Compatibility with CodeMeter Protection Suite, because top notch encryption is the starting point of all communication.
  • Compatibility with CodeMeter License Central: once security is in place, you can get on with creating, distributing, and managing your embedded software licenses and start monetizing your business.

Live a fully immersive experience in our next masterclass

During this webinar, we will intersperse theory and practice:

  • The common ground between CodeMeter Runtime and CodeMeter Embedded
  • Overview of all the license models CodeMeter Embedded supports
  • Inventory of all the supported CmDongles and third party hardware secure elements (including TPM) for CmActLicenses
  • ExProtector and AxProtector CmE: the dedicated modules of CodeMeter Protection Suite for CodeMeter Embedded
  • CodeMeter Core API: a powerful tool for robust cryptographic operations
  • Demo: How to encrypt with CodeMeter Core API
  • Demo: How to encrypt with CodeMeter Protection Suite
  • Demo: How to run CodeMeter License Central in offline mode with CodeMeter Embedded
  • Demo: How to license your IoT embedded software online
For those who join us live and answer a three-question survey at the end of the session correctly, there is an additional treat in store: We will draw the winner of an Amazon coupon worth 50 EUR. The winner will be notified in the replay announcement. Please note that the winner will be excluded from all subsequent prize draws of 2017.

Don’t wait till Embedded World and start planning for you Future 4.0 right now.

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