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A Shelter to Protect Your Documents


Protecting the intellectual property associated with digital assets that come in a form other than software applications requires a different approach and dedicated tools. Technical, legal, and commercial know-how is frequently shared in a business environment, and the authors want to make sure their assets do not end up in the hands of unauthorized personnel or competitors, let alone media outlets. Certain reports are also for-sale products, in which case their cloning or distribution with non-eligible parties means an immediate monetary loss. However, a file that needs a standard application to be opened cannot include encryption and decryption methods: While CodeMeter Protection Suite protects software against illicit actions, SmartShelter and CodeMeter Core API are responsible for protecting and licensing digital documents.

SmartShelter is available in two flavors:

  • SmartShelter|PDF, a certified plugin for Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Acrobat Reader that provides additional security functions on top of Adobe’s native protection mechanisms; these include the creation of stronger passwords unknown even to the file author, the storage of passwords on a computer-bound license file or a hardware secure element, and monitoring for disallowed applications. Additionally, the integration of CodeMeter License Central enables the generation of all CodeMeter licensing options and offers full control over the entitlement process.
  • SmartShelter|SDL, a secure data layer for any type of document that slips in between the operating system and the document reader. It configures which operations are allowed and which are prohibited based on the license rights: the ability to open, read only, or save documents is totally regulated with a fine-grained management console.

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In this new masterclass, we will see:

  • How document protection differs from software protection
  • Four basic scenarios for protecting documents
    • The documents take the form of PDF files that are displayed with a PDF viewer
    • The documents are opened and saved with one of your own applications
    • The documents come in a standard format and are opened and saved with a standard application
    • The documents come in a different standard format and can only be viewed with a standard document viewer application
  • DEMO: SmartShelter|PDF for protecting PDF files
  • DEMO: SmartShelter|SDL for protecting and licensing standard documents
  • DEMO: CodeMeter Core API for protecting and licensing files with a proprietary format

Whether the prosperity of your business depends on protecting the IP of the documents you sell, the data your software produces, or the data from third parties you process, your top priority is defending your finances and reducing your liability risks.