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Demystifying Industrial Security


The Industrial Internet is a massive game changer with its commercial value estimated at $33 trillion. Not only is it expected to give a strong boost in confidence to global GDP, increase performance even in customized production, and introduce a more sustainable manufacturing model, but it is also a remarkable accelerator of technological innovation. To be part of this evolution, OEMs need to implement guidelines that will reshape workflows and help them boost productivity. Security aspects are particularly relevant as they represent the keystone of the new connected infrastructure.

Over the recent years, Wibu-Systems has hardened CodeMeter®, its own protection, licensing, and security technology, to withstand ruggedized environments. Unlike the office world, many sectors of industry have special requirements, often characterized by substantial swings in temperature, humidity, and vibrations. This implies a complete redesign of the hardware secure elements where machine code is encrypted, login credentials stored, and licenses saved.

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Among the many components that were carefully picked and subjected to extensive tests, the flash memory is one of the most critical ones. Our trusted solution partner Swissbit will cohost a webinar with us to shed light on the elements that should guide intelligent device manufacturers in their choice of reliable and fail-safe embedded memory.

During this free 60-minute event, you will be able to learn about:

  • Security threats that undermine connected industry
  • Pros and cons of industrial storage solutions
  • Fundamentals of flash memory NAND technology
  • Product highlights of Swissbit memory components
  • Benefits of adding security to a memory component
  • Available solutions for IP and integrity protection
  • Use cases for combining storage and security
  • Examples of an integration process workflow

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