Hannover Messe 2014: the new „Wibu-Systems Protection Suite“ protects and licenses software applications


Premium technology paves the way to quick and easy protection of applications on multiple platforms

CodeMeter encrypts and licenses software applications for many different platforms in the blink of an eye.

At this year's Hanover Fair, Wibu-Systems will announce its new "Wibu-Systems Protection Suite" in Hall 8, booth D05. The suite includes the all-in-one CodeMeter encryption and licensing tool that enables manufacturers to quickly and easily protect their ready-made software and their know-how against piracy and reverse engineering, and safeguard their equipment from tampering or cyber-attacks.

The Wibu-Systems Protection Suite also includes the automatic “AxProtector” encryption tool for software applications, and “ExProtector”, an encryption tool specially designed for embedded operating systems. AxProtector features a graphical user interface for Windows, Mac OS, Linux, .NET or Java. It uses different protection techniques for native codes, such as C, C++, Delphi, and managed code using Bytecode, like Java and .NET. For native code, manufacturers can integrate CodeMeter directly in the source code and encrypt single functions individually using “IxProtector”. In case of Java and .NET it becomes even easier, as the developer doesn’t need to take care of code decryption himself. All AxProtector variants have one element in common: protected programs are processed into something similar to a self-extracting archive, which is then loaded without any modification of the operating system. ExProtector integrates instead directly into the loading mechanism of the operating system, offering a signature validation check before loading and executing any protected program. ExProtector is available for Android, VxWorks and QNX. Visitors of the Hannover Fair can receive immediate advice from our security experts at Wibu-Systems’ booth.

Oliver Winzenried, CEO and co-founder of Wibu-Systems, explains: „The „Wibu-Systems Protection Suite“ helps our customers reach a higher security level with a lower integration effort. The complex protection mechanisms can be simply applied, even when it comes to the use of APIs, or the realization of additional functions.”

In pursue of a broader awareness of security in the industrial world, Wibu-Systems will be next showcasing at the Industrial Automation Beijing, China, May 7-9. In association with Protect-Ing, a working group within VDMA – the German Engineering Federation, Wibu-Systems will take part in a special initiative held on May 8th. At the VDMA Forum, a high-profile group of panelists will gather to discuss Anti-Counterfeiting Solutions and Technologies. In particular, Oliver Winzenried, also CEO of Wibu-Systems Shanghai, will talk about Embedded Security for Protection against Reverse Engineering and Product Piracy at 3.50 pm.

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