A Bit of License Management Magic

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Rolling out or updating licenses should be as simple and straightforward as possible. CodeMeter already comes with lots of workflows for the purpose on its License Portal. Many jobs can be automated through that portal, and the work for the user reduced to a few simple clicks. However, all of this needs a user who would manually start the activation or updating process. For larger organizations that depend on up-to-date transparency about the licenses that are active in the field, the License Portal is also the optimum solution.

But how could you streamline the process on the user’s side even more? This is where a bit of magic comes into play in the form of the Software Activation Wizard.

CodeMeter has many different use cases covered with a choice of source code examples for different developer languages to help you put in place your own Software Activation Wizard to match your processes, workflows, and requirements. All you need is CodeMeter License Central and the right gateways in the cloud.

There are many use cases that could include automatic license updates, such as:

  • Adding or removing features
  • Revoking entire licenses
  • Automatically renewing subscriptions after payment has been received
  • Updating service technicians’ licenses
  • Automatically renewing maintenance contracts
  • Locating or locking lost licenses

An automatic update removes the need for the user to do anything. Nobody has to be reminded to activate an update over the License Portal. Not only is this easier and more comfortable for the user, it also gives you, as the vendor, full control over the process. The Software Activation Wizard can become a perfect fit for your business by being integrated in your software and tailored to your processes and your corporate design.

Automation saves costs, and it gives you a great means to collect data and retrieve it via CodeMeter License Central. One popular option is to register users during license activation, which is particularly appealing when your licenses are sold through diverse channels, but you still want to know who your users are in the wild. This even works with free software: it can be activated and registered in the same manner, with the license created in the background during activation, and you will know who is using your software.

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Here are the main highlights of this masterclass:

  • Use Cases:
    • Simple license activations
    • Support for CmCloudContainers
    • Automatic renewal for service technicians’ licenses
    • Automatic renewal for subscription licenses
    • Rolling out updates
    • Locking “lost” licenses
  • Behind the Scenes
    • Activation
    • Blacklisting
    • Single-ticket approach
    • Auto updates
    • Service technicians’ licenses
    • Automatic subscription renewals
  • Additional Functions
    • Collecting data
    • Registering free software
    • Automatically renewing free or demo licenses

Leverage our experience and examples to optimally tailor the activation and updating of your licenses to your requirements and processes and thus create the best possible user experience at the same time!

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