1+1= 3: Managing entitlements through the product lifecycle

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The ability to monetize software products has become one of the factors deciding the fate and fortunes of companies, be they traditional software businesses or active players in the increasingly software-dependent industrial world. Flexible licensing can be the perfect way for them to respond to the many needs and requirements of different customer communities or local markets.

Successfully integrating a licensing model in a software product is only half the story, however, as companies also have to be able to distribute and manage these licenses (or entitlements) transparently and effectively, ideally in an as automated fashion as possible. This means that licensing is not a technical matter reserved solely for software developers, but an issue that concerns many functions and departments across the entire business.

When introducing a central entitlement management system, the challenge is to establish a clean and standard process that can accommodate all the other processes already in place, while being pliable enough to leave room for new models and innovations. The resulting system has to have the right interfaces to link up with the existing system landscape in order to meet the needs of all the many stakeholders involved in or affected by it.

There is a system designed to master this balancing act: The combined power of SAP Entitlement Management System (EMS) and CodeMeter. It is the perfect synthesis of a smart back-office solution for managing entitlements and a sophisticated technology for monitoring the entitlements on the end user’s side. 1 plus 1 equals 3 in this case, as the benefits of the combined system are far more than the sum of its parts.

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In this masterclass, we will discover more about the solution:

  • An introduction to the SAP Entitlement Management System
    • Managing entitlements and authorizations
    • Defining processes across the entire product lifecycle
    • Modelling entitlements
  • Basic principles of the CodeMeter technology
    • Technical implementation of entitlements on the end user’s device
    • Flexible license containers for different requirements
    • Enforcing entitlements with end users
  • The combined solution

You can look forward to a webinar that gives you a real insight into both systems and a live demonstration of what they can do for the practitioner.

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