Beijing International Intelligent Manufacturing Exhibition

2017-05-10 - 2017-05-12
Beijing Exhibition Center, Beijing, ROC

The event is set to engage vendors and buyers mainly from the automation, mechanical manufacturing, aviation and aerospace, IT and electronics, automotive, energy, oil and chemical industries, fully reflecting the integration of industrialization and informatization advocated by Industrie 4.0. The new format will include three highlights: the Industrial Automation show that keeps a foothold in China’s significant industrial base, Digital Factory that delves into the intelligent integration of processes and IT solutions, and the International Intelligent Manufacturing Conference, a high-profile hotspot for keynotes about Made in China 2025, German Industrie 4.0 initiatives, and US Industrial Internet projects.

Wibu-Systems, a veteran exhibitor at this event, the world leading innovator in smart industry based solutions for intellectual property protection and secure licensing, a member of the Chinese Alliance of Industrial Internet, and the cybersecurity provider of choice for companies in automation, automotive, CAD/CAM, finance, healthcare, life science, gaming, multimedia and many other industry fields, will showcase the result of its latest achievements. CodeMeter, its flagship cross-platform, cross-vendor, and multi-functional technology that embraces all systems from microcontrollers up to the cloud has reached a new level of agility and versatility.

  • CodeMeter Embedded 2.0, a modular, scalable, compact-sized, and customizable runtime environment that supports a plethora of operating systems and platforms, like Intel x86, PPC, ARM, Windows, Linux, Android, VxWorks, and QNX, interacts with hardware and software-based secure repositories for encryption keys, trust lists, and configuration data, interfaces with HID, File I/O, SPI communication systems, and even with Trusted Platform Modules of third parties, is deeply integrated in an ANSI-C OPC UA SDK, and is fully compatible with the other CodeMeter flavors running on computers, mobile devices, and even microcontrollers.
  • CmStick/CM, the world’s smallest CodeMeter stick with high-speed 8GB flash storage, USB 3.1 interface, and a sleek, chic, and robust ultra-compact, full-metal USB body. Equipped with an Infineon SLM97 smart card chip with full CodeMeter functionality, it supports the new Universal Firm Codes and includes an optional encrypted CmSecureDisk flash storage partition. The hyperstone U9 flash controller and its patented hyMap®firmware meets the toughest industrial requirements in terms of life expectancy, reliability, and the prevention of data loss caused by power outages during writing. The high-tech construction as SIP (System in Package) module in the connector body was designed with extreme environmental conditions, including vibration, humidity, and temperature fluctuations in mind.

This stick adds to the widest dongle array available in the market: encryption keys can be securely stored in USB sticks, internal sticks that plug directly on the pcb, memory cards (CF, CFast, SD, microSD), and ASICs. Additionally, this sensitive digital information can be associated with a software container bound to a hardware secure element, like a TPM.

  • Blurry Box Global Hacking Contest, an international challenge for all hackers, crackers, and pirates around the world to prove the strength and correctness of Blurry Box, the newly patented encryption method that will soon be integrated in CodeMeter Protection Suite. With the rise of software as the primary resource for the evolution of technology, the risk of cyberattacks against its availability, confidentiality, and integrity is reaching new heights. Blurry Box offers a more advanced solution to all software developers and is ready to be put to the test in industrial applications as well. Registrations for the hackers’ contest are open till May 12th.

Oliver Winzenried, CEO and founder of Wibu-Systems’ ecosystem, will support our regional team and be at the forefront of the debate. You can meet him at our exhibition space and join him for the following lectures:

  • On May 11th, 10.30-10.50 am, he will participate in the special session on “Structure and Key Elements of Digital Factory” of the International Intelligent Manufacturing Conference, moderated by Chen Ming, Vice Director of the Sino-German College of Applied Sciences at the Tonji University. His message about “IT Security: The Gatekeeper for New Digital Business Models” will focus on the absolute need to implement security by design in all intelligent manufacturing processes and monetize industrial applications with flexible software licensing. In the shift from customized hardware to personalized software lies the secret of the current industrial revolution.
  • On May 11th, 1.00 to 2.30 pm, it will be the turn of Dola Zou, COO and Sales Director of Wibu-Systems in Shanghai, to hold a seminar. This will be a tour of discovery into IT security trends and activities, the art of protecting know-how, the freedom of choice demanded by the market that intelligent device manufacturers can fulfill with software licensing, the ability to integrate Security-as-a-Service in any digital manufacturing process, and the higher quality and competence OEMs can reach by recognizing the value of production data. In this context, the exemplary success story with Wibu-Systems’ Chinese partner IECHO Science Technology Co., Ltd., a well-known local manufacturer of computer-controlled cutting systems for single and multiple cutting applications and industry leader in pattern design software and vision systems, will help the audience grasp the complete vision for the future of the industrial realm. The joint project between Wibu-Systems and IECHO is based on CodeMeter to safeguard the integrity of production data, be it machine code or configuration parameters. The encryption keys along with digital signatures, certificates, and entitlement rights are safely stored in CmDongles, hardware-based units in the form factor of USB dongles, memory cards, or ASICs that integrate a smart card chip with advanced cryptographic features. The implementation of CodeMeter ensures that the communication occurs only between certified and manufacturer-specific machines, that the vendor’ IP is fully protected, and that production data used in the manufacturing process does not fall prey to hackers.
  • On May 11th, 2 to 5 pm, Oliver Winzenried will then take part in the Chinese-German Roundtable Meeting in Room 316 of the Chinese Academy of Engineering in Beijing. The discussion is going to be centered around Intelligent Manufacturing and Digital Factory. Invited guests will hear the different views and plans from prominent industrial organizations, research centers, and high-profile vendors like the Chinese CAE, MIIT, CAST, CRRC, Huawei, Haier, Midea, Tongji University, Demonstration Park of Logistics Industry, COMAC, Shaanxi Blower Group, Tangshan Jidong Cement Co., Ltd, and the German VDMA, Siemens, University of Bremen, Phoenix, Fraunhofer, and Staufen.

Be our guest and talk directly to our security experts on site to receive the necessary guidance to build advanced, compact, personalized protection, licensing, and security solutions that can be applied to computers, mobile devices, embedded systems, PLCs, and microcontrollers.

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