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  • Success Stories

    • ABB Marine & Ports – Netherlands – Marine Advisory Systems

      Complete interoperability between CmStick ME, CmActLicenses, and cloud distribution allow the company to seamlessly deploy different license containers at diverse stages of the product lifecycle of their ABB Ability™ Marine Advisory System, OCTOPUS.

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    • Agfa HealthCare – Belgium – Healthcare

      A complete setup for computed radiography protected against illegal and fraudulent use and distributed on a pay-per-use basis to small laboratories, orthopedic doctors, and healthcare facilities that could not otherwise afford the upfront investment.

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    • ArtiMinds – Germany – Robotics

      CmDongles and AxProtector shield ArtiMinds Robot Programming Suite against piracy, reverse engineering, and tampering, enable entitlement management, and at the same time safeguard the IP of ArtiMinds’ customers developed on top of the suite itself.

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    • B&R – Austria – Automation

      A dedicated license management entitles each client to a specific machine’s configuration and offers scalable business models. A compact size dongle protects this essential know-how against manipulation by competitors, organized crime or incorrect use.

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    • BAZIS – Russia – Cabinet furniture production

      Individual hardware based protection for perpetual licenses as well as centralized security for time-limited licenses delivered over the Internet. The first Russian CAD system offering light logistic for a multiple business protection strategy.

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      download (671.33 KB)
    • Belsim – Belgium – Process intelligence

      Professional license management and high level protection in .NET environments: the main keys for CodeMeter qualification by a leading expert in data validation and reconciliation whose solution automatically corrects measurements in industrial processes.

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      download (708.55 KB)
    • BIC Medical – The Netherlands – Healthcare

      Dispensing medicine for custom prescriptions is a heavy-duty business. Users of the BIC Medical Med2Morrow system rely on automatisms that are well safeguarded by CodeMeter. It’s the IP protected machine that picks, sorts, and creates the right cocktail of drugs.

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      download (233.96 KB)
    • BUILDSOFT – Belgium – Structural design analysis

      Secure and foolproof copy protection for premium engineering software with flexible license management, featuring remote updates to allow a prompt adaptation to customers’ changing needs and speed up administration.

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      download (765.58 KB)
      download (627.34 KB)
    • CIVILSERVE – Germany – Geotechnical calculations

      The decision to convert from a code-number-based licensing system to hardware-based top security was driven by an international business expansion plan. With the integration of e-shop and CRM, customer service relationships have become closer.

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      download (323.75 KB)
    • CodeLock – South Africa – File Encryption

      Efficiently safeguarding sensitive information when dealing with clients remotely all over the world has become possible with Encrypter Pro, a software tool associated with CmDongles that provides a fast and easy way to secure files as they travel via third party servers.

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      download (178.96 KB)
    • COPADATA – Austria – HMI/SCADA

      Industrial requirements include a long-term lifespan, hardware independence, embedded systems support, trouble free experience, the ability to run with no Internet connectivity; all of this was achieved first with WibuKey, followed by CodeMeter.

      download (710.04 KB)
      download (709.75 KB)
    • COSYNUS – Germany – Unified communications

      A successful migration from insecure and admin consuming software-based protection to CodeMeter, making possible a custom-tailored licensing approach. The ROI was measured by the additional maintenance agreements closed.

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      download (35.14 KB)
    • Daimler Buses/Farsoon Technologies – Germany/China – Automotive

      Revolutionizing the spare parts business and raising a flag for additive manufacturing in the automotive industry by protecting and monetizing 3D printing parts that Daimler bus operators and service partners can have manufactured at the point of need.

      download (275.29 KB)
      download (276.12 KB)
    • Dentsply Sirona – Germany – Healthcare

      Enjoy a secure and radiant smile with the CAD/CAM dental solutions from Sirona. Sirona uses the complete potential of CodeMeter: the software is protected with CmSticks and the logistic process is simplified with License Central.

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      download (453.87 KB)
    • Desoutter – France – Automotive

      Redesigning the business strategy in accordance with Industry 4.0 principles is an inevitable effort made easy by CodeMeter: Desoutter’s customers can now invest only in the features and functions they need, and the company enjoys stronger relationships with them in return.

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      download (1.86 MB)
    • DIgSILENT – Germany – Industry

      With CodeMeter License Central handling the license lifecycle and AxProtector encrypting C++, .NET, and Java code, the heterogeneous environment the world leading supplier of power system analysis software is dealing with can be managed successfully.

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      download (185.25 KB)
    • Disguise – United Kingdom – Multimedia

      The world’s first integrated production system for video professionals relies on CodeMeter: Users are sure to use the correct configuration, no tampering is possible, and designers have an ample choice of license models and license containers at their disposal.

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      download (303.25 KB)
    • DUTCH FISH BOARD – Netherlands – European fishing regulations

      Law compliance was paramount when the secure independent transfer of information about fishing activities to the e-logbook was concerned. Back office integration increased the efficiency, for total administrative saving of € 4.1 million!

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      download (201.56 KB)
    • eSim GAMES – USA – Military Training Simulation

      Secure copy protection safeguards intellectual property representing more than 100 man-years of development. Flexible licensing provides the ability to integrate trial licenses, automate license updates, and introduce time-limited licenses.

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      download (654.42 KB)
    • ETM professional control – Austria – Automation

      Agility and convenience: Complex, distributed, and remotely operated SCADA systems running critical infrastructures everywhere in the world are now seamlessly protected with avant-garde technology and granular licensing across diverse platforms.

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      download (327.13 KB)
    • Exterro – United States of America – Digital Forensics

      With the acquisition of AccessData in 2020, Exterro continued to use CodeMeer hardware-based protection for safeguarding the IP of their Forensic Tool Kit, the gold standard in digital forensics. Later, they added Wibu-Systems soft-license containers and automated entitlement management system to the mix.

      download (257.64 KB)
      download (227.02 KB)
    • Faceware Technologies – USA – Facial Recognition

      Secure protection against piracy and reverse engineering of the market-leading software. Flexible license management enables market expansion with diverse business models that are attractive to new categories of customers.

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      download (699.32 KB)
    • FLECS – Germany – Automation

      CodeMeter integrates with FLECS Marketplace to enhance app licensing and protection, featuring encryption tools within the CodeMeter Protection Suite, automatic licensing via CodeMeter License Central, and device-bound licenses using SmartBind technology.

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      download (224.11 KB)
    • Fritz Stephan – Germany – Medical devices

      CodeMeter brings security to emergency response situations and intensive care units: it safeguards many years of investments with a secure memory card integrated in the ventilator and allows for on-demand functionality upgrades in the fields over the Net

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      download (599.75 KB)
    • GENKEY – Netherlands – Identity Management

      In the context of a countrywide election where fraud prevention is a must, CodeMeter shows its flexibility: code encryption for voting machines, digital signatures for verification purposes, and complete security for the biometric identification data.

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      download (611.41 KB)
      download (595.93 KB)
    • GLASER – Germany – Civil engineering

      Protection implementation and CRM integration for CAD applications, Thanks to the comprehensiveness of CodeMeter AxProtector, Glaser migrated from a different protection technology and enjoys new numerous functions.

      download (512.25 KB)
      download (526.02 KB)
    • Hilscher – Germany – Automation

      Hilscher and the Open Industry 4.0 Alliance launch the Flagship Store, leveraging CodeMeter for straightforward app protection. It democratizes industrial app use, ensuring security and ease for automation and connectivity solutions on the shop floor.

      download (233.13 KB)
      download (232.44 KB)
    • Image Systems – Sweden – Image analysis

      A carefully planned transition journey that has brought moving image analytics specialists to introduce CodeMeter-based Java encryption methods, hardware- and software license containers, and an agile licensing distribution system as they got ready to launch their new Track Eye Motion Analysis platform.

      download (215.42 KB)
      download (187.22 KB)
    • Intelligence on Wheels – Germany – Mobility and Transport

      A smart collision warning system for rail travel enhances safety with advanced IP protection and cyber-attack prevention. Utilizing robust hardware and encryption, it ensures secure software operation and data integrity, crucial in the highly regulated rail industry.

      download (228.81 KB)
      download (235.04 KB)
    • KABA – Reslam – South Africa – Electronic locksmithing

      Kaba's electronic safe locks, combined with an elegant Android or iOS mobile component and a secure Reslam's server platform protected by Wibu-Systems' CodeMeter technology, herald a new approach to centrally controlled security for banks' ATM cubicles.

      download (554.03 KB)
      download (556.63 KB)
    • KINESYS Software – Netherlands – Automation

      The seamless integration of CodeMeter with flagship semiconductor factory-automation software results in a foolproof licensing solution and a robust protection against unauthorized software use, ensuring full accountability, flexibility, and transparency.

      download (591.9 KB)
      download (581.38 KB)
    • Leader Electronics – Japan – Industry

      With CodeMeter fully supporting MATLAB and providing license flexibility, Leader Electronics Corp. has implemented a business enabling model that lets a large base of users test their camera resolution measurement software without compromising its intellectual property.

      download (238.08 KB)
      download (182.43 KB)
      download (284.81 KB)
    • LVD – Belgium – Sheet metalworking tools

      The latest generation of a laser cutting software protected against hacking and reverse engineering with an optimal approach to international maintenance. The result: increased productivity and improved efficiency thanks to CodeMeter.

      download (676.2 KB)
      download (670.15 KB)
    • MAGIX – Germany – Multimedia

      The flagship professional audio software is delivered fully protected. Sophisticated security concepts based on symmetric and asymmetric encryption algorithms ensure that all 1k+ product items are handled from just one stick.

      download (105.92 KB)
      download (107.14 KB)
    • MAROXX – Austria – Gambling

      In the gambling industry two factors are crucial: tamper resilience against manipulation and gaming performance. Both goals are met by integrating industrial compact flash cards suited for both storage and protection.

      download (165.08 KB)
      download (165.45 KB)
    • Metrohm – Switzerland – Chemical Analytics

      The integration of CodeMeter into OMNIS, Metrohm’s titration platform for chemical laboratories, protects three quarters of a century of research and innovation and provides flexible licensing models for its laboratory instruments.

      download (804.28 KB)
      download (482.38 KB)
    • MVTec Software – Germany – Machine vision

      MVTec has integrated the secure licensing capabilities of CodeMeter into its complete range of machine vision software: a perfect match with real versatility for the developers building their own applications and the students leveraging the educational portal.

      download (1.6 MB)
      download (448.83 KB)
    • Phoenix Contact – Germany – Automation

      The PLCnext technology includes a modular software platform that accommodates both Phoenix Contact’s proprietary and third-party solutions. With their software protected and licensed by CodeMeter, app developers can monetize their work through the secure PLCnext Store channel.

      download (173.51 KB)
      download (175.11 KB)
    • Plaxis – the Netherlands – Geotechnics, geo-engineering and civil engineering

      Digital IP is at great risk when it comes to distribution, as certain parties tend to exceed the boundaries of their licensing conditions. Secure license management has prevented piracy of Plaxis' geophysics and finite element calculating formulas.

      download (659.74 KB)
      download (630.79 KB)
    • Procentec – The Netherlands – Industrial Automation

      Any downtime in Industry 4.0 translates into immediate financial losses. With CodeMeter, Procentec can further drive business innovation while protecting the invaluable IP invested in their secure industrial network components.

      download (283.17 KB)
      download (260.13 KB)
      download (666.83 KB)
    • PvO – Belgium – Manufacturing process optimization

      A 20-year collaboration renewed in the era of tablets: Even the intellectual property of software running on Windows 8.1 tablets can now be protected with a CmDongle in the form factor of a microSD card for license mobility made easy.

      download (711.76 KB)
      download (705.21 KB)
    • Reason Studios – Sweden – Music applications and standards

      Multiple licensing options allow for extreme scalability: The needs of single private users all the way up to site licenses that involve hundreds of seats are covered with one comprehensive core solution.

      download (244.63 KB)
      download (236.99 KB)
    • ROCKWELL AUTOMATION – USA – Industrial automation

      Preventing the copying and printing of code, enforcing code encryption, allowing the flexible management of keys for a distributed workforce with time and resource access controls: all achieved with CodeMeter Source Protection Provider.

      download (1.09 MB)
      download (1.1 MB)
      download (1.37 MB)
      download (1.54 MB)
    • Takebishi – Japan – Factory Automation

      With CodeMeter fully embedded in DeviceXPlorer® OPC Server, their flagship industrial communication middleware, Takebishi can promptly adapt to any new local or oversea usage scenarios, including virtual environments and Docker containers.

      download (337.82 KB)
      download (309.67 KB)
      download (696.63 KB)
    • TVPaint – France – Animation

      Raster-based 2D animation software company switches over from legacy dongle system to CmActLicenses, a move that has saved them and their customers time, shipping costs, customs fees, and taxes and that still provides a comfortable experience for everyone involved.

      download (208.5 KB)
      download (182.91 KB)
      download (211.84 KB)
    • VERLAG HEINRICH VOGEL – Germany – Education

      Time reduction to integrate the protection into a driving education software for sales first, later rolled out to the enterprise resource planning system. Flexible licensing includes pay-per-print modality. 40k support calls saved!

      download (85.89 KB)
      download (87.17 KB)
    • VMI – Netherlands – Manufacturing industry

      A centrally administrated password key protection scheme based on Wibu-Systems and Rockwell Automation technologies to secure access to Programmed Logic Controllers and in turn safeguard intellectual capital and machine investments for the future.

      download (720.66 KB)
      download (663.7 KB)
    • WINCOR NIXDORF – Germany – Retail and banking

      The two-factor strong authentication capabilities of CodeMeter have been used to protect the access to equipment during maintenance. The combined SmartShelter PDF runs applications and sensitive data for a preset limited time only.

      download (92.5 KB)
      download (91.66 KB)
    • WSCAD – Germany – Electrical engineering, control cabinets, process and fluid technology, building automation and electrical installation

      Technological continuity is paramount for ROI performance. The long-term cooperation is the result of the availability of WibuBox dongles for over 20 years; the latest E-CAD software releases are protected against the most recent types of attack.

      download (617.91 KB)
      download (610.8 KB)
    • ZSK Stickmaschinen – Germany – Textile Engineering

      In a globalized and virtualized business, protecting the integrity of one’s own technology, safeguarding the designs of one’s clients, being in control of production volumes, and limiting access to sensitive documents are paramount.

      download (633 KB)
      download (651.69 KB)
      download (2.06 MB)
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