Our webinars are fully immersive masterclasses taking you into the essence of CodeMeter. We offer classes for beginner, intermediate, and expert users of CodeMeter, so you can move up through your exploration journey and gradually incorporate new features into your protection, licensing, and security strategy. Each session is unique and addresses specific functionalities and modules of our core technology. By registering for the live events, you get the chance to interact directly with our hosts, but all classes remain available on demand, so you can still revisit the content and expand your skillset at your own pace.

The 2024 webinar season will be bursting with new and exciting content.

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Upcoming Webinars

Your License to Create Licenses

Driving without a license remains a fantasy, even with advanced AI and autonomous technologies. Like fine-tuning a racecar for peak performance, CodeMeter License Central lets you steer the course of your software licenses. Master the essential settings for efficient operations and customize them to your needs, ensuring smooth, precise system alignment. Whether implementing new Firm Codes, configuring license settings or support processes, or setting up license containers, managing your licenses has never been easier.

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Past Webinars – CodeMeter-centric masterclasses

Unlocking the Future: Empowering Industrial Security

CmReady is a sustainable technological advancement that empowers intelligent device manufacturers to leverage industry-grade memory cards in the field beyond their traditional roles of executing firmware, software, and serving as storage mediums. Certified CmReady SD and microSD cards are now also pivotal in IP protection and licensing, with licenses intricately linked to the cards' unique attributes. The result is a seamless blend of portability and simplicity, ensuring a secure, digitalized industrial future.

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The Power of Partnership: Enabling Success Together

The truest synergy emerges when partners mutually empower one another, fostering self-sufficiency, and nurturing a profound spirit of collaboration. The ‘permit and control’ principle also extends to the domain of license management. CodeMeter License Portal offers adaptable solutions for a diverse range of scenarios and seamless integration with your back-office systems. You can then empower your partners to generate and allocate licenses while crafting insightful reports.

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Unleash the Power of CodeMeter

The new generation of CodeMeter is a goldmine of opportunities for ISVs and their users. Supercharged with new and augmented automation capabilities and even more flexibility, the secure distribution of software is entering a new phase: Core features, integration in software applications, and complete support for back office processes have all been supplemented with unique functionalities for the world market.

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No Time to Idle – License availability for business continuity

Software and smart system developers utilize licensing as a pivotal element for monetization, safeguarding intellectual property, and mitigating piracy risks. For industries like automotive or critical infrastructures, uninterrupted license access is essential to prevent costly downtime. CodeMeter's Triple Mode Redundancy ensures consistent license availability through a resilient two-out-of-three server system, critical for operations where every minute of productivity counts.

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Cloud-Based Licensing in Offline Scenarios

In the enterprise world, cloud-based software licensing allows for quick, dynamic management by admins. However, manufacturing facilities often operate offline for reliability and security. Despite this, Industry 4.0 initiatives are pushing data online via dedicated gateways. The challenge lies in bridging online license servers with offline users on the shop floor. This requires an intermediate step, often a standard PC or physical data sharing that CodeMeter can facilitate.

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Optimizing Cloud Licensing: Strategies and Best Practices

There are two main approaches to cloud licensing: licenses managed via cloud but located on local devices and those used directly in the cloud, including mixed forms of direct and indirect access through several local license servers. In this class, we dissect various deployment scenarios, the difference between Personal and Enterprise CmCloudContainers, how to optimally configure them through CodeMeter License Portal, and workflows for managing users and their access rights.

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For a Few Licenses More

What’s the best approach for automating the license creation, distribution, and management process using CodeMeter License Central? It could be that License Central itself takes the lead, or alternatively, your current ERP system steps up to manage the process – or maybe even a hybrid approach works best for your situation. Either way, the cooperative links and interfaces between your ERP system and CodeMeter License Central make it all work together in harmony.

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Protecting and Licensing .NET Applications

.NET is indeed one of the top leading choices for global software publishers. However, protecting and licensing .NET applications requires different skills and tools from regular methods applied to C/C++. The intermediate code that is generated remains accessible for snooping and tampering by would-be hackers and license checks could thus be removed or replaced by forged calls. CodeMeter Protection Suite comes with a dedicated AxProtector .NET module that does the heavy lifting for you.

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A Bit of License Management Magic

License management and monitoring as well as user registration and activity tracking can be made easier with a Software Activation Wizard that matches your processes, workflows, and requirements. With just CodeMeter License Central and the right gateways in the cloud, you can set up your own SAW and be in control of automatic license updates, such as adding or removing features, renewing subscriptions when payment has been received, locating, blacklisting, and even locking licenses.

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The first step is always the most decisive

An extra gear for software publishers with our Developer Portal, the first access point to Wibu-Systems flagship technology for worldwide prospects. No need to wait for the physical toolkit anymore: You can immediately start testing the complete array of CodeMeter protection and licensing capabilities with a fully secure cloud-based license container; the portal will guide you through the entire initial experience with videos and helpful information – One solution for demo, trial, and full software versions.

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Protection and monetization of 3D printed objects in the spare parts business of Daimler Buses

With a revolutionary move, Daimler Buses has leveraged the full power of additive manufacturing and allowed the owners and operators of Mercedes Benz and Setra busses to produce the spare parts themselves with 3D printing. All they need for these mini-factories are a certified 3D printer from Farsoon Technologies and the CodeMeter licenses for the parts they want to print. Wibu-Systems' technology provides the basis for a secure digital process chain with complete control over how many parts can be and are printed on the ground.

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How and Why to Create and Sell Consumption-Based Licenses

Pricing policy is an executive matter, and, for software developers, retail prices are directly related to different licensing options. By technically and commercially dissecting three representative implementations of consumption-based licenses that software publishers have made possible with the power of CodeMeter, we assess the calculation methods, the sales benefits, and the configurations in online and offline scenarios that make consumption-based licensing a viable alternative to more traditional licensing choices.

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Serving Up Features-on-Demand for Every Appetite

The salami technique applied to software business management – Over their evolution, many software products tend to get bigger and bigger as the developers try to fulfil new user expectations or add new technology capabilities. With features-on-demand, users are not forced to buy or pay for the entire package, but only for the features they want. A win-win strategy where the seller gets their software to the user at a lower entry price, and the users can spend more for add-on features.

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Security and Protection for Machine Learning

Machine learning is reliable - provided the AI algorithm that generates the trained model is sound and has not been tampered with. The IP you need to protect includes the training data set, the training setup, and the resulting trained model. With CodeMeter, you can encrypt the model to safeguard it against unauthorized use, copying, or espionage in both online and offline scenarios. Additionally, CodeMeter can encrypt and sign data to add an extra layer of security on top of anonymization or pseudonymization.

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License Portal – The DIY Solution

A license portal is the perfect self-service solution for your clients and distribution partners. It allows for moving licenses to other devices, dongles or users, recovering lost licenses, generating and activating emergency licenses, creating demo or trial licenses, binding cloud licenses to other devices, changing the access details for cloud licenses, defining hierarchies for different roles and, of course, also keeping track of all license actions you and your customers operate and customizing the look and feel to match your brand.

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Away from prying eyes: Running code in secure hardware or cloud environments

The means of protection need to be appropriate for the value and appeal of your software. With CodeMeter AxProtector, you can safeguard your compiled applications against automatic hacking. IxProtector and Core API increase security even more. However, it’s only with CodeMoving, that you reach optimal protection: by moving essential code into a CmDongle or a CmCloudContainer for execution, it keeps it far away from the prying eyes of would-be hackers.

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Subscriptions: Relationships built to last

Subscriptions range somewhere between the holy grail and the gold standard for software management. They promise a steady stream of income to the vendors and an affordable access to software without steep upfront costs to the users. Technically speaking, licenses can be set to run as long as a cancellation of the plan occurs or renewed regularly. In the latter case, you should still take the necessary steps and decide whether the renewal should be triggered automatically or by an ERP system or online store, or plan ahead for a multi-channel sales of time contingents.

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Protecting Node.js-based JavaScript Applications

Over time, JavaScript has matured to a language of choice for desktop and server applications. While server applications were safe and sound in their maker’s own datacenter, now they are let out “into the wild”, and JavaScript’s very nature makes it easy for skilled attackers to remove or get around license checks. Unless you add AxProtector JavaScript, which has been mainly designed for Node.js-based use cases and made to guarantee top protection by encrypting the executable code and optionally integrating license checks right in the application itself.

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Safer to market: Licensing and e-commerce integrated

Companies that used to sell hardware only are now letting software and firmware determine the feature sets of their products. To monetize these investments, vendors need ways to market, manage, and enforce licenses, and not just for the initial purchase, but also for subsequent aftermarket feature activation or subscription renewals. E-commerce providers like Cleverbridge cover the commercial part of the requirements, while CodeMeter License Central is there for entitlement management and enforcement.

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1+1= 3: Managing entitlements through the product lifecycle

The ability to monetize software products has become one of the factors deciding the fate and fortunes of companies. Licensing responds to the many needs and requirements. Managing licensing and user entitlements is an issue that concerns many functions and departments across the entire business. The combined solution offered by SAP Entitlement Management System and CodeMeter bridges the gap between sales, provisioning, and fulfillment.

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Your CODESYS applications protected and licensed

The ability to protect the invaluable intellectual property invested in or handled by the software has become a game changer in our digital world, even when it comes to industrial controllers and networks. CODESYS, the leading hardware-independent IEC 61131-3 programming system used to create controller applications under Windows, seized upon this trend at a very early stage and is fully integrated with CodeMeter Runtime.

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Creating, delivering, and managing licenses made easy

CodeMeter License Central is not the only available tool in the CodeMeter’s universe for license creation, delivery, and management, but it provides many great advantages over any other: ISVs can choose multiple license containers, select a myriad of license models, handle lost licenses, and automate their backend processes. And end users have several self-service options available at their fingertips, including license transfer to other devices or users.

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The Key Role of Long-Term Compatibility

Technology is evolving at a record pace: It is rare for five-year-old software to still run without problems, and the chances of software still being supported and working after a decade are fast approaching zero. In an always-online world, security patches are also a constant necessity to protect users from attackers, but patching software costs time and money. Learn the long-term support policy options available to CodeMeter’s users for older OS versions.

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Everything You Always Wanted to Know About FSBs – But Were Afraid to Ask

In the CodeMeter universe, we always refer to Firm Security Boxes (FSBs) as the primary keys to your secure licensing kingdom. Still, there are different types of FSBs that give you access to the complete array of functions or a subset only, multiple FSBs you can own for the different roles you assign within your team, and two implementation options: you hold your own FSB or we rather host your FSB in case you opt for a cloud-based compiler like Azure Pipeline.

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Protecting Python applications the simpler way

Python has become an increasingly attractive choice for software developers, also thanks to the sheer range of solid, up-to-date resources for AI and machine learning applications. However, its simplicity makes it an appealing target for would-be attackers. With the latest iteration of CodeMeter Protection Suite, you no longer need to transform your Python code into a native application; encrypting Python code effectively is now possible in its original form.

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Embedded Devices: Big Opportunities in Tiny Packages

The recent technological advances have dramatically changed the way embedded systems are programmed and made it easier to customize hardware-based features. As software drives innovation, licensing and security expertise becomes crucial in the embedded systems domain. With IP theft, espionage, data and code manipulation, hijacking, and ransomware growing rampant, new skills have to be mastered to generate new revenue streams in the global digital economy while keeping core assets protected.

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Real licenses in virtual environments

Virtual environments are becoming increasingly popular. Virtualization is cost-efficient and extremely flexible, and it is easy to use with major providers, such as Amazon (AWS) or Microsoft (Azure). However, virtualization exposes ISVs to additional software protection and licensing threats. With CodeMeter, you have the tools and methods you need to safeguard your IP, no matter which virtual environment configuration you and your customers prefer.

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License Models – Spicing up the mix

Over the last decades, licensing has surged to become a true business enabler for any digital asset, with the advent of cloud computing supercharging its potential. However, not all use cases are born equal, and a servitazion approach can make all the difference for a successful impact on a global scale. CodeMeter supports a vast array of licensing schemes, giving software developers the ability to offer users as much freedom as they want without compromising on security.

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Lost licenses: The fine balance of trust

Wibu-Systems’ CodeMeter comes preloaded with a versatile repertoire of safeguards and mechanisms to ensure that lost licenses are just a brief inconvenience and neither a burden on users nor an open door to malicious actors for software publishers. Regardless of the license container of your choice, CodeMeter provides user-friendly recovery mechanisms, blacklists, and smart license configurations to prevent illicit use of the original license you delivered.

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Who are you? Authentication by certificates

Digital certificates have proved their worth as a strong means of authentication for decades. With IIoT taking center stage in industrial automation, machines need to be identified securely as well to stop illicit users or systems from sneaking in and potentially wreaking havoc in networks. X.509 certificates, coupled with communication protocols like OPC UA and hardware-based safe storage solutions like CmDongles, are ideal choices to meet the challenges of today.

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Best Practices for License Management

CodeMeter addresses the needs of all software publishers from all sectors of industry. With CodeMeter License Central, they have the tool they need to map any licensing model. Both experienced software vendors who are exploring a possible migration to CodeMeter and newcomers who are dipping their toe in the water with CodeMeter can improve the art of mapping out their licensing schemes to make them as simple as possible and as complex as necessary.

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Feeling Right at Home: Uniform Processes for Online and Offline Licenses

As the CodeMeter technology expands to welcome CodeMeter Cloud and reaps all of the mobility benefits associated with making licenses available in the cloud, anytime, and from any device, software developers should feel at home: All workflows for creating, delivering, changing, and managing licenses stay the same, whether you choose hard, soft, or cloud license containers. You can mix and match them in a heterogeneous architecture. All you need is to choose whether you want your licenses offline on a computer, mobile on a dongle, or online in the cloud.

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Total Control over your Protection and Licensing Process

CodeMeter provides different paths to strong protection and flexible licensing. With CodeMeter Core API, you are in control over every option in the process: you can create simple license queries that you can make available via a wrapper as company-wide standard libraries, manage licensing operations, implement tailored cryptographic functions, and customize queries for maximum security. Combine it with Wibu Universal Protection Interface and CodeMeter Protection Suite and you’ll have the perfect security setup.

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Automatic License Updates: Usership and Usability

The manufacturers who will still be holding the reins in tomorrow’s markets are the ones who are first to understand that the product ownership era is coming to an end, to transition from products to services, to rethink their entire supply chain from a radically new perspective, to implement newer licensing models and enable license updates transparently in the background when the software is started, without the customer having to take any additional action other than placing the purchase order.

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Licensing for cross-platform applications made with Python, PHP, and JavaScript

With HTML5 applications and environments, easy-to-deploy frameworks like Electron and node.js, and Docker containers, languages that used to be confined to the online world are becoming the focus of on-premise applications alike. Similarly, the technological barrier between cloud, edge and on-premise applications is becoming increasingly blurred. This change creates new conditions for software protection and licensing that CodeMeter Runtime, CodeMeter Protection Suite, CodeMeter Core API, and CodeMeter Cloud Lite address with unique strategies.

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The fastest way to protect your know-how

Intellectual property can come in all shapes and sizes, spanning from algorithms mapped in software to sensitive documents or data made available to service technicians for their maintenance work. If your IP is stolen, you can always sue later on, but prevention is better than cure. With CodeMeter Protection Suite, Wibu-Systems provides a whole battery of IP protection tools that you can integrate quickly and easily into your software. These tools are tailored to suit the specificities of the development environments and target platforms used.

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Your Migration Map to a Comprehensive Protection and Licensing System

ISVs usually migrate to a new secure licensing technology in response to the more complex protection and/or licensing needs they have to confront with. Choosing a mature, interoperable, comprehensive, and widely adopted technology, developed independently by a fully dedicated vendor, makes even more sense when ISVs want more solid ground to stand on when they reach for higher sales goals. An array of use cases and associated migration approaches will help you realize whether you are ready to leapfrog into the future of license and entitlement management.

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IP Protection for Siemens TIA Portal

When you invest in Siemens TIA Portal®, you also want to safeguard your applications for Siemens PLC and HMI with a higher gear. CodeMeter License Central is the gateway between CodeMeter Keyring Password Manager (the user, password, and entitlement management tool) and CodeMeter Keyring for TIA Portal Password Provider (the component that bridges CodeMeter with the TIA Portal). You can then assign clear roles to your team members, protect the IP of your projects, and control user access with a hardware-based solution: CmDongle.

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The Dongle is Dead. Long Live the Dongle.

For more than 30 years, dongles have been an effective choice for software protection. What software developers like about them is the great protection they offer against hackers, coming at comparatively low costs for them. Users, on the other hand, enjoy their portability and the option of using their licenses on the go and offline. But CmDongles have also one feature that beats one key weakness of typical dongle solutions in many industries and use cases: they are multivendor-capable.

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Lean License Management via SAP

The integration of CodeMeter License Central with SAP, the world champion business suite, offers a significant advancement in back office performance. License lifecycle management and entitlement are incorporated within the existing workflow. The ERP system is enriched with automatic features for generating license codes, transmitting them to the user, and tracking their activation.

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A Safer Journey for Java Applications

Java is everywhere and risks are lurking at every corner of the Java journey. To circumnavigate them, AxProtector Java comes with the ability to automatically encrypt the Java Byte Code. It can only be decrypted on the fly during loading and before the JVM springs into action, and only if the right license is available. No decrypted Byte Code will find its way onto the hardware during the entire process. And all hardware and software-based CodeMeter license containers are supported.

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Making your everyday life easier with license automation

Automating license and entitlement management with CodeMeter License Central can free up your time, provide a reliable source of alerts for you to intervene in person when you have to, and allow you to customize the widest array of factors possible to meet all your customers’ needs. You’ll be in charge of the tolerance levels your users are entitled to, you’ll be the initiator of single or multiple tasks, you’ll be able to monitor the complete gamut of activities, and you can change the course of action at any time.

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Setting licenses free vs. locking them down

Whether your software is under the attack of a hacker or you are being cheated by a customer, or your clients are experiencing technical issues with their machines or have lost one of your dongles, CodeMeter offers the unique ability in the global market to lock licenses down. CodeMeter Protection Suite, CodeMeter License Central, and CodeMeter API are ready to come to your rescue. The settings include enablement, disablement, and deferred feature activation.

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Setting the foundations for a new generation of knowledgeable buyers

Students are the workforce and the buyers of tomorrow. A solid long-term business plan for an ISV should include an investment in a positive relationship with academia. CodeMeter EduPortal is a tailored version of the license portal that addresses the needs of higher education institutions, distinguishes between faculty staff and students, and provides user registration and verification, license creation, delivery, and activation capabilities.

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Streamlining licensing migration from 3rd party systems

Over the years, the evolving needs of your business and your customer base are pretty likely to outgrow the structure of the licensing system you originally put in place; Custom Licensing Adapter is your key reference point when it comes to interfacing your legacy licensing system with CodeMeter License Central, optimizing your license and entitlement processes, and creating a future-proof sales model.

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Monetizing Software, Machines, and Materials with New Business Models

Pay-per-use licensing schemes build a high level of trust with customers, allowing them to pay on the go for the machine lease, the consumables, the raw material, or the software package they specifically requested, at the time they really need it. By introducing this model gradually alongside existing systems, the lower initial revenues are more than compensated for as the relationship with your customers deepens.

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The Effort Performance Relationship in Software Protection

For the optimal protection of your software, the code should be split into individual parts and dynamically reassembled at runtime. AxProtector .NET and AxProtector Java take care of this operation automatically for you. With native applications and libraries that are protected with AxProtector, Translocated Execution enters the scene and inserts automatic decryption routines into your application.

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A Shelter to Protect Your Documents

Protecting the intellectual property associated with digital assets that come in a form other than software applications requires a different approach and dedicated tools. While CodeMeter Protection Suite protects software against illicit actions, SmartShelter|PDF, SmartShelter|SDL, and CodeMeter Core API are here to protect and license your digital documents.

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Dominating Industrie 4.0 with Secure Software Licensing

The key element of the new CodeMeter Embedded 2.0 is compatibility: Compatibility with any embedded system platform and operating system, the complete array of Wibu-Systems’ hardware and software secure elements, and all the core elements of CodeMeter technology: CodeMeter Runtime, CodeMeter Protection Suite, and CodeMeter License Central.

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To Bundle or To Nest? That is the question!

Reconcile simplicity and sophistication with the Nested Items option of CodeMeter License Central. A great help for designing your licensing business model to handle software functions separately and deliver scalable packages that grow in features and investment as needed. Meet higher revenue goals and surprise customers with tailored offerings.

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Perfecting the Art of Unmasking the Hackers

In order to prevent a hacking attack, you need to think like a hacker and go beyond textbook cryptography. Planting perfectly crafted mines in the code is the ultimate means to vanquish perpetrators who are ready to disguise and deceive to penetrate the secrets of your code, reverse engineer it, and create pirate copies.

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Protecting IP in the IoT with Trusted Computing

The loss of IP can cost companies millions or even jeopardize their actual presence in the market. Hardware secure elements are the vital backbone of cyber security. They include dongles, memory cards, ASICs, and TPMs. As part of a cybersecurity initiative of TCG, Infineon and WIBU are outlining a complete IP protection and licensing process for a thriving business in the IoT age.

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End-to-End License Transfer

License deployment can take many different forms depending on environmental circumstances. It can be as straightforward as an activation on the license server for the networked users to use and monitor their license immediately. But license transfer can also be as easy as clicking ‘Borrow' even when you have no VPN connection or wish to continue working on your project from your home office. 

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Demystifying Industrial Security

The Industrial Internet is a massive game changer with its commercial value estimated at $33 trillion. Ruggedized environments are often characterized by substantial swings in temperature, humidity, and vibrations. CodeMeter hardware secure elements have been fully redesigned to provide utmost reliability. Industrial grade fail-safe embedded flash memory is introduced as one of the core components.

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Certificates for Authenticity, Authentication or both?

Introducing the fundamentals of certificate-based technology and its relevance for software protection, licensing, and security. A journey from essential elements, to security requirements and applications, in order to master certificate usage, implement software authenticity, enforce user authentication, ensure integrity, and control access rights management.

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High Availability for License Creation

The choice for the most convenient, secure and effective hosting solution should never be underestimated in terms of its setup, operation, and maintenance. Wibu-Systems offers a wide array of competitive hosting services for your CodeMeter License Central that include the latest licensing system updates, patches, and features.

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Embedded security in ARM-based microcontrollers

The introduction of CodeMeter µEmbedded extends the security features of CodeMeter to Programmable Logic Controllers and microcontrollers. The additional integration with the XMC4000 industrial microcontroller family made by Infineon Technologies offers software developers that are predominantly active in the field of automation the ability to protect and license their application code.

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Enhancing license management with Salesforce

Salesforce is used by a growing number of ISVs to associate customers with the software licenses they purchase. CodeMeter License Central comes in handy when trying to expedite license deployment. This session offers the opportunity to step into the ISV’s and the user’s shoes, observe how the solution is integrated and watch the entire activation process in action.

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Enabling Embedded Security for the Internet of Things

Security Profile for VxWorks 7 integrates CodeMeter technology, providing its complete range of hardware- and software-based capabilities for IoT applications supported by RTOS. In particular, it offers secure boot, a secure runtime loader, advanced user management, network security and encrypted containers, with the option to seamlessly upgrade to Wibu-Systems' hardware solutions.

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Your driving license to expert cryptography

There can be no software development without encryption. With CodeMeter APIs, you can select the most suitable protection vessel for your license, but then you still need to know the basics of cryptography. This master class covers HASH functions, symmetric and asymmetric encryption to help you build strong safeguards for today and tomorrow.

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Past Webinars – External Collaborations

Post Quantum Cryptography – The Impact on Identity

As we stand on the brink of a new era where quantum computers threaten to break traditional encryption methods, understanding the migration to quantum-proof systems becomes paramount. This exploration sheds light on the impact of Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC) and Quantum Computing (QC), the significance of cryptoagility, and the implications for digital and mobile ID verifications in an age where the security of digital information faces unprecedented challenges.

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AI and AM: A Powerhouse Combination

Manufacturers use 3D printing and AI for efficient, scalable production with enhanced features like quality assurance and predictive maintenance. However, AI-trained models become intellectual property that needs protection from theft and sabotage. The IP exists in various forms—training data, setup, and the trained model. Security solutions like Wibu-Systems’ CodeMeter can encrypt and sign data to safeguard IP. We joined Authentise to discuss these challenges and solutions.

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App Management on the Edge

To kick off the connected, app-driven, and smarter industry of tomorrow, end users need a marketplace with apps that they know will work on their equipment and that they can trust in legal, commercial, technical and – not least – security terms. The Open Industry 4.0 Alliance, Hilscher, and Wibu-Systems have come together to showcase how this can be done with the OI4 Community App Store, Docker containers for interoperability, and CodeMeter for safe operations and secure IP.

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The journey of Digital Transformation in the IoT era

Organizations are under growing pressure as they face rapidly changing market conditions and a myriad of disruptive digital technologies. The need for transformation is especially acute in enterprises that operate major IoT systems in their solution stack. With the necessary guidance and a solid framework offered by the experts of the Industry IoT Consortium, the digital transformation journey can transform threats into business opportunities.

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ID Technologies – From Industrial Tokens to International Travel

Reliable ways to identify people, devices, and real or virtual objects have become more important than ever before as much of our lives, including the industrial world, has gone digital. CodeMeter Certificate Vault is our answer: It acts as a PKCS#11-compliant token provider, stores keys in secure hardware elements, works perfectly in the M2M communication standard OPC UA, and simplifies the process of distributing and managing certificates by bringing the whole comfort and great performance of CodeMeter License Central to the certificate world.

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Ensuring Trustworthy Industrial Systems

Failed or compromised industrial devices can impact the health and safety of workers, cause damage to costly equipment, release pollutants into the environment, and disrupt operations for extended periods of time. Trustworthy software can withstand human error, system faults, and cyberattacks. Let's define trustworthiness through the Industry IoT Consortium IIoT Trustworthiness Framework Foundations paper with the major editors and content contributors to the document.

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Best Practices for Software Trustworthiness in IIoT Applications

Untrustworthy software can have a significant impact on developers, owner-operators, and decision makers involved with industrial IoT systems. Trustworthiness requires best practices to be employed during the various aspects of creating, acquiring, and protecting software over the course of the complete lifecycle of the system.

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Ensuring IoT Trustworthiness for the Digital Transformation: Focus on Reliability

IoT Trustworthiness represents the degree of confidence that an IIoT system will operate in conformance with a set of requirements despite external disruption or interference. Reliability, one of the five main characteristics of IoT Trustworthiness, is the ability of systems or their components to perform the required functions under a given set of conditions for a given period of time. Without sufficient reliability, software failures will mean interrupted service, lost productivity, and potentially physical harm or lives lost.

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Protezione della Proprietà Intellettuale di Dispositivi e Macchine

Con la trasformazione digitale in corso, la pirateria del know-how non riguarda più i soli produttori di software che operano in ambiente office, ma interi comparti, dall’automazione industriale alla sanità, dalle infrastrutture critiche alla finanza. È necessario fare una stima dei beni aziendali che rappresentano la proprietà intellettuale tecnica e digitale e salvaguardarli con misure adeguate ed effettive, quali crittografia, verifica dell’autenticità e protezione dell’integrità in associazione ad elementi di archiviazione sicuri cui affidare i “segreti”.

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World IoT Day – Security of Connected Devices

Your interconnected devices are only as strong as the weakest link. Choosing a connectivity solution without a robust security framework will leave your data and the system that supports it exposed and vulnerable. The solution? Applying the security-related benefits described in the IIC publications Industrial Internet Reference Architecture, Industrial Internet Security Framework, and Industrial Internet Connectivity Framework.

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IIoT Endpoint Security - The Model in Practice

Secure endpoints, namely devices that employ both computation and communications resources and expose functional capabilities, are your first line of defense against cyberattacks. The Industrial Internet Security Framework (IISF) outlines the fifteen attack points for IIoT endpoints and the presentation covers real-world customer use cases too.

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OPC UA Security: Native and Add-On Solutions for the Rise of Smart Factories

OPC UA is a multi-platform, plug & play Information Exchange Standard for industrial smart automation and cloud networking that is facilitating the convergence of OT and IT. CodeMeter Embedded fully supports the OPC UA defined Security Profiles and configurations and provides even stronger security for modern M2M communications.

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Smart Factories Redefine Security Paradigms

The surge of smart factories is reshaping the very essence of industrial manufacturing. The security implications in terms of data, communication, and company assets are enormous. The Industrial Internet Consortium is bringing together the world's industrial powerhouses to provide reference guidelines that integrate perfectly with Wibu-Systems' security recommendations.

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Embedded Security and the Internet of Things - challenges, trends, solutions.

Embedded Security and the Internet of Things - challenges, trends, solutions Cisco forecasts that there will be 50 billion connected devices on the planet by 2020, spanning everything from entertainment and information to the industrial and medical markets. The benefits are obvious. The risks are significant, and could have catastrophic consequences. For the Internet of Things, security is a major issue with many dimensions.

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Secure license management at the heart of embedded systems and integrity protection

As cyberphysical systems are introduced in manufacturing, security and safety become vulnerable to cyberattacks on embedded software, machines, or entire production plants. Hear the success stories to learn how CodeMeter can safeguard intellectual property, reinvestments in research and development, and even jobs.

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A customer centric view of best practices in software monetization

Software monetization is the key strategy to expand your top-line revenues while controlling bottom-line costs. We unveil the 3 S’s of Wibu-Systems: seamless, secure, and scalable technology. Learn about real business use cases that you can apply to increase the strength of your application and multiply your licensing models.

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