Total Control over your Protection and Licensing Process


On the surface, software developers might have very different needs when it comes to integrating protection and licensing into their digital assets. But they all have one common denominator: They want to achieve the highest possible level of protection with the least amount of effort. The two overarching criteria all ISVs should commit to are the final level of protection they want to achieve and the budget they are ready to make available for this critical stage in their go-to-market path.

CodeMeter offers software publishers a choice of options to effectively integrate protection and licensing into their digital products. A popular and simple method is the automatic encryption of executables or libraries with CodeMeter Protection Suite. The software is encrypted, AxEngine adds all the decryption methods right into the software, and a secure CodeMeter license is distributed to each end user.

An alternative way to integrate simple license queries into the software is Wibu Universal Protection API, which works automatically with AxEngine. AxEngine changes simple queries into a check process using special cryptographic functions. This approach offers high security with a very low implementation effort.

CodeMeter Core API is the full API underlying both CodeMeter Protection Suite and Wibu Universal Protection API. With CodeMeter Core API, you can map all use cases individually. This powerful tool creates simple license queries that you could make available via a wrapper as a company-wide standard library, management functions for your own license manager, cryptographic functions for individual files, and customized queries for maximum security.

This webinar explores the basic structure of CodeMeter Core API. At the end of this masterclass, you will be able to integrate simple queries into your software and improve security with top-of-the-breed cryptographic methods. Additionally, you will reach complete mastery over the functions required for searching and displaying licenses, borrowing licenses, and activating licenses online.

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Here is all of the ground we are going to cover over this one-hour together:

  • Overview of the three integration options
    • CodeMeter Protection Suite
    • CodeMeter WUPI API
    • CodeMeter Core API
  • Simple license queries
    • The basic framework
    • The encryption path to security
  • Management functions
    • Displaying available licenses
    • Borrowing licenses
    • Communication with CodeMeter License Central

CodeMeter Core API scales easily from simple queries to highly secure integration, giving you total control over which options you want included. By combining CodeMeter Core API, Wibu Universal Protection Interface, and CodeMeter Protection Suite, you have all the tools you need to create the perfect security setup.

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