Internet of Things – From Sensors to the Cloud

Holiday Inn City Center Munich, Munich, Germany

Hosted by the editors of Weka Fachmedien’s two leading industry publications “Design & Elektronik” and “Markt & Technik”, the conference is dedicated to some of the most pressing issues for developers, providers, and users of IoT software and hardware: Artificial intelligence, digital twins, cybersecurity, best practices, and much more will be featured in the conference’s agenda and high-profile keynotes.

Wibu-Systems will be represented by one of our top technology specialists: Dr Carmen Kempka. Her talk on “Protection and Security for Machine Learning” at 3:00 pm will cover one of the top concerns for the cybersecurity specialists of tomorrow: The right technologies and concepts for protecting the AI lifecycle from the underlying data that artificial intelligences are trained with to the distribution, integration, and operation of the finished data models. The audience can expect a hands-on look at this important issue with lots of ideas and best practice recommendations for how to use the popular CodeMeter protection technology to secure and protect artificial intelligences.

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