13th Day of IT Security

IHK Karlsruhe, Lammstr. 13-17, Karlsruhe, Germany

IT security often seems a matter for computer scientists, state agencies, or a very few experts actually paid to take care of cybersecurity in corporate organizations. But it is actually a live issue that all decision-makers in IT or business at large need to be aware of. That is why the Karlsruhe Day of IT Security is hosted once a year to update its attendees about current trends, threats, and topics in the IT security field. This year’s 13th edition sees the return of the format to an in-person opportunity to meet up, get updated, and share IT security stories, news, and experiences.

At 5:15 pm, our very own Dr. Carmen Kempka will be taking to the stage for a look at an issue that long seemed a topic of science fiction, but has suddenly gained real traction. In her talk on “Quantum Computing and Cybersecurity: How to Prepare”, she will be surveying the status quo of cybersecurity as quantum computers are becoming an actual factor to contend with. Going with the practitioner-centric theme of the event, Dr. Kempka is not about catastrophizing or theoretical speculating. Instead, she will be taking the audience along for a look at the right way to prepare for all eventualities. Her suggestion is: Cryptoagility.

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