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MAROXX – Austria – Gambling

In the gambling industry two factors are crucial: tamper resilience against manipulation and gaming performance. Both goals are met by integrating industrial compact flash cards suited for both storage and protection.

Let the game begin ...
... with high-tech system solutions from MAROXX and security from Wibu-Systems.

For many years MAROXX has been one of the most popular international companies specializing in gambling software. Our well thoughtout strategy has enabled us to firmly establish ourselves in many European countries. With more than 20 years of experience in the gambling business, we guarantee our long-standing customers above average profits.

The word “recession” does not exist in MAROXX’s vocabulary: our order books are overflowing and have been for many years. MAROXX is an entirely Austrian company, financed by cash flow from its business. We attach great importance to our independence, fix the value of the company ourselves and do not depend on any bank or stock exchange.

Our state-of-the-art hardware and software create trends in computing, individuality, graphics and sound. MAROXX gambling software sets new standards, which is exactly what we expect from our partners. With Wibu-Systems we have found a partner who perfectly complements our philosophy.

Our intensive collaboration with Wibu-Systems has enabled us to develop a product which lives up to our high demands and is the most modern of its type.

Unfortunately the gambling sector operates in an environment with difficult security challenges which makes MAROXX products susceptible to manipulation attacks. As we strive for perfection, this means we are committed to offering our customers the highest levels of security.

In our endeavours to achieve this, Wibu-Systems has proved to be the perfect partner. The company supplies industrial compact flash cards with CmDongles which represents the ideal combination of storage device and integrated software protection. The result of our collaboration has been the seamless integration of Wibu-Systems protection technology into our system. The fact that we have successfully adapted both products to function together smoothly means there is no negative impact on performance during usage, which is a very important customer requirement.

Maximilian Stromer
Managing Director MAROXX

“Wibu-Systems has proved to be the perfect partner. Together we have managed to achieve high levels of synergy which benefit both us and our end users, and hence positions us even further ahead of our competitors.”

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