Protecting IP in the IoT with Trusted Computing

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The Trusted Computing Group (TCG) was formed to develop, define, and promote open, vendor-neutral, global industry standards for interoperable Trusted Computing platforms. TCG conducts regular seminars and demonstrations to assist fellow industry stakeholders in their quest for IoT security.

The upcoming Brighttalk sponsored by TCG is committed to fostering this educational spirit. and will feature Steve Hanna, Senior Principal at Infineon Technologies, and Guenther Fischer, Senior Consultant Licensing and Protection at Wibu-Systems. The two speakers will present a broad picture that highlights the urgent need for security in the global IoT business, and will demonstrate a highly effective technological approach to safeguarding intellectual property from piracy, reverse engineering, and tampering.

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CodeMeter from Wibu-Systems encrypts software code and creates secure licenses that can be bound to a secure element in the target system. The secure element can be represented by a dongle, a memory card, or an ASIC embedding an Infineon smart card chip, or even a Trusted Platform Module from Infineon. The software would then run only on the designated machine, device, or embedded system and provide the functionalities associated with the license, safe from any sort of hacking.

In the IoT era, commercial losses due to product, know-how, or data piracy amount to large chunks of the GDP of all countries, and the numbers are on the rise. Connected devices offer numerous indisputable benefits, but are also extremely vulnerable to cyber attacks, sabotage, and espionage.

During this one-hour webcast, our hosts will delve into:

  • An outlook at the transformative value of IoT
    • Security for the connected world
    • The numbers of the IoT phenomenon
    • The key factors driving IoT
    • Security challenges in the IoT age
  • Stringent security measures to protect IP with Trusted Computing
    • The growing relevance of hardware secure elements
    • The combination of software and hardware for optimum security
    • The IP protection process
    • Licensing IP for a thriving business

The root of trust is the key pillar of your entire security infrastructure. Partner up with the pioneers of IoT security, choose the best-in-class technology, and get ready to monetize the IoT from a solid basis.

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