Smart Cities Forum

Radisson Blu Berlin, Berlin, Germany

The Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) is opening its doors to the public and its members will share how Industrial Internet technology is enabling Smart Cities.

As the total population living in urban areas continues to explode, the need for intelligent, sustainable environments offering high quality of life generates a new demand for smart cities

Some people think of the Smart City as a sophisticated, futuristic metropolis: Neo Seoul in Cloud Atlas, 2013, City of Domes from Logan’s Run, 1976, or The Capitol as seen in The Hunger Games, 2012. But a Smart City can be any municipality, campus, country, or region that is adopting technologies to streamline efficiencies and improve operations.  

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is one of the main technology drivers behind smart cities. The integration of IIoT applications in smart cities will bring numerous benefits. However, integration of different technologies, processes, business, social, and regulation realms complicates matters of security, privacy, and interoperability which must be addressed as IIoT technologies develop.

Join us as we explore the emerging technologies and IIoT applications for smart cities. Hear from a panel of experts, including guest speakers from Dell EMC, Asavie, and GE Digital, about challenges in areas such as smart microgrid security monitoring, intelligent urban water supply management, solar plant asset optimization, retail analytics, connected healthcare, and first responder ambulance route optimization. Additionally, registrants will have the chance to analyze the Time Sensitive Networking Testbed, which recently won an award for bringing strategic value to the IIC.

Join the IIC community and let’s talk about the benefits of cybersecurity in Smart Cities, Smart Manufacturing, and Smart Technology.


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