Hannover Messe 2023

2023-04-17 - 2023-04-21
Messe Hannover, Hannover, Germany

“Industrial Transformation – Making the Difference” is the motto of this year’s Hannover Messe, the premier meet-up for the world’s industry community. And as the annual show covers virtually every sector of today’s economy, from A like Additive Manufacturing to Z like Zero-Emission Technologies, the expo organizers are talking about making a difference on the big stage: Attendees in Hannover will be able to see some of the most promising innovations on the way towards a safer, cleaner, and smarter industrial world.

Driving economy growth with secure license management

Secure and smart is something we at Wibu-Systems are personally committed. Our technologies and services have long found a loyal following in the industrial automation sector, where the entire CodeMeter ecosystem is already making a difference for automation engineers, the operators of smarter production systems, and their clients. From the easy and efficient license management capabilities of CodeMeter License Central to the powerful encryption and protection tools included in our CodeMeter Protection Suite, CodeMeter covers every part of the licensing and protection lifecycle – and much more. Our flexible licensing options allow businesses to innovate new license-based business models, including subscriptions, pay-per-use, or feature-specific licenses. Our choice of hardware, software, and cloud license containers mean there is an option for every use case, giving industrial engineers the full freedom to design the right system for their specific needs. Many of our trusted friends and clients will be on site at Hannover and can tell you more about the business-empowering capabilities of CodeMeter.

Security for AI and Machine Learning is key

Of the many modules included in CodeMeter Protection Suite, AxProtector Python is surely one of the most interesting new options for many engineers working at the leading edge of today’s technological developments: Python has seen a massive hike in interest as a developer language, due in no small part to its popularity for the AI applications that seem on the verge of becoming everyday reality in our economy. AxProtector Python now brings the powerful encryption, protection, and licensing capabilities of CodeMeter to the Python world without the need for complicated work-arounds. Enjoy the comfort, security, and great choice of licensing systems and containers to protect and monetize your Python products.

Digital sovereignty starts with secure identities

Another innovation that promises to catch people’s attention at Hannover Messe is our CodeMeter Certificate Vault, our answer to a question that everybody involved in modern connected industry has asked at some point: How can we know that the people and machines we are dealing with in our networks are who they say they are? Digital certificates are a powerful tool, but the complex processes and logistics they entail has often stood in the way of their full-scale adoption. With CodeMeter Certificate Vault bringing the familiar CodeMeter security, ease of use, and smart logistics to the table, this is now changing. With smart encryption, key storage, and certificate management capabilities included in a user-friendly package, CodeMeter Certificate Vault can streamline the certificate lifecycle and logistics, not least by working as a PKCS#11 token provider or key storage provider for Microsoft’s Cryptographic API Next Generation, or by integrating smoothly with OPC UA, the popular choice for machine communication.

Live Demo: App management on the edge

The OI4 Community App Store developed by the members of the Open Industry 4.0 Alliance brings the ease and comfort of app stores to the work of industrial engineers and factory outfitters, with a selection of apps available to create the perfectly tailored industrial setup. The app store relies on Docker containers to ensure interoperability for the often heterogeneous hardware and software landscapes and security by CodeMeter protection and licensing technology, proven to work seamlessly with Docker environments. The OI4 Community App Store will be demonstrated live at our booth, where the industrial automation specialist Hilscher will showcase their latest work on the edge.

And if you are able to join us on Wed., 19 April, at 11 am, you'll have the chance to meet Ricardo Dunkel, Technical Director of the Open Industry 4.0 Alliance, Uwe Schnepf, Business Development IIoT Platforms of Hilscher, and Ruediger Kuegler, VP Professional Services & Security Expert of Wibu-Systems. Have your questions ready!

Live Talk: Expanding the gamut of business models

And there’s a special treat: Stefan Bamberg, our Director Sales and Key Account Management, will be at the Industrial Security Speakers’ Corner on 18 April at 5 pm. Close the busy day with us and attend his talk on “New business models and their implications for machine and PLC manufacturers”. How do you set the price for a subscription model? What are the commercial risks and opportunities of new models? Where is the break-even point in comparison with traditional sales models? How do you deal with industrial machines and equipment that are rarely, if ever, online? How do you detect and implement a secure and trusted anchor for storing the licensing and billing information? And, how do you easily secure the last (offline) mile for data transmission? Subscription, pay-per-use, and feature-on-demand business models are becoming increasingly popular with software publishers and gradually with intelligent device manufacturers as well. The presentation will highlight the commercial and technical aspects deriving from the introduction of these licensing models in the industrial environment.

Meet us at Hannover Messe and discover how our technology can help your business make a difference.



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