Embedded Technology West

2019-06-13 - 2019-06-14
Grand Front Osaka Congress Convention Center, Osaka, Japan

Edge Technology Comprehensive Exhibition to Realize a Smart Society

In the IoT era, everything is connected: people, goods, devices, machines – Things. Embedded technology has become key for making the great promise of this age come true.

Embedded Technology West is a collective exhibit of the advanced embedded technologies that are evolving right now. Its sister show, IoT Technology West, covers the leading edge of “connected” technology.

The ET West and the new IoT Technology West exhibitions held at the same time are focusing on the key technologies that will support future growth at the very forefront of the automotive sector, the medical field, critical infrastructures, and many other industries. 

With keywords such as smart factories and IoT attracting more and more attention even in the wider public, security remains a cause for concern for anyone operating modern factory equipment. For their business to develop further, they need to find ways to effectively secure and monetize their software and digital assets. Wibu-Systems enables them to do so with encryption technology to protect their control software and operating data from malicious attacks and reverse engineering, and to manage access to such information through licenses. Wibu-Systems showcases the software protection and license management technology provided by CodeMeter at the exhibit of Toshiba Information Systems Co., Ltd. CodeMeter supports multiple devices (computers, embedded systems, PLC systems, microcontrollers) according to the customers’ needs, and runs on all popular industrial systems (Android, Linux, QNX, and VxWorks) and architectures (ARM, x86, PowerPC). In addition, CodeMeter can use hardware, software, and cloud containers to store sensitive information as well as digital keys and software licenses. Come and see the CodeMeter solution in action and find out how you can protect and monetize your data and software assets. Free SDKs (Software Development Kit) are available on request.

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