The European market expansion of Wibu-Systems continues with the opening of a new office in France


Wibu-Systems swims against the stream and maintains a positive outlook

Wibu-Systems French office

With the news of economy recession pervading our lives on a daily basis, one could consider this move somehow hazardous. But Wibu-Systems looks confidently ahead and strongly believe in the overall strength of the European market. Moved by this firm and pragmatic approach, as of June 6th a new French subsidiary is being inaugurated.

The new office will extend the European reach of the company, which, headquartered in Germany, is already present directly in Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain and the UK. The location has been selected with the utmost attention to mobility; it is in fact centrally based at La Fayette, just 500 meters away from La Gare de l’Est and La Gare du Nord, thus respectively expediting fast train connections with the main premises in Karlsruhe, and the head office in Antwerpen.

The new company will actually be run by Marcel Hartgerink, who is already in charge of all other European dependencies. His background in electronics engineering has facilitated his prompt mastering of software protection and licensing. And his excellent management skills in sales and marketing have already proved to generate abundant revenues repeatedly over the years. 

“Such assets will be critically essential in France as well”, declares Oliver Winzenried, CEO and cofounder of Wibu-Systems. He also adds “When you can count on product quality, innovative technology and reliable human factors, you’re half way to success. The team of experts we are gathering will be able to offer a localized and personalized service to the French software developers and to the automation industry players spread around the country.”

The latest report released by BSA in France just a couple of days ago indicates that the level of piracy in this specific country is higher than in other mature economies. Even though the rate decreased from its peak of 45% in 2005, the current national average still shows that a preoccupying 37% of the population is still inclined to malpractice. With the support of industry organizations, the aid of the public administrations and the increasing awareness Wibu-Systems is promoting in the embedded world too, the potential for good business is definitely there.

Among the first steps aimed at intensifying the sensibility around the matter of software IP and integrity protection against duplication and counterfeiting, Wibu-Systems SARL will launch a new series of product trainings. Companies will be our guests in Paris on November 12th and 13th, and in Lyon on December 3rd and 4th, to receive a general overview of the CodeMeter technology both in terms of extensive encryption features and enabling business models.

Moreover Wibu-Systems SARL will be exhibiting at Cartes, Paris, November 19-21. This is typically an arena for authentication solutions where the company will therefore mainly address the protection of cloud-based applications and the simultaneous access control which is achievable using PKI dongles.

“I am thankful to Wibu-Systems for renewing their trust and thrilled by the opportunity to engage in a new challenge. With a local team we will be able to network much more efficiently and instill the correct approach to security for ISV and OEM. Our activity will ultimately provide expertise protection and an augmented GDP.”, states Marcel Hartgerink, General Manager of Wibu-Systems SARL.

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