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Medtec China

20 September 2017 - 22 September 2017

As Deloitte points out in their 2017 Global Health care Outlook report, global healthcare expenditures are projected to reach $8.7 trillion by 2020, up from $7 trillion in 2015, driven by improving treatments in Therapeutic Areas (TA) coupled with rising labor costs and increased life expectancy. While investing in prevention remains the focal point for all regions around the globe, the top technology innovations that are expected to bring a real breakthrough include Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), 3D-printing devices, immunotherapy, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Point-of-Care (PoC), Virtual Reality (VR), biosensors and trackers, and telehealth.

With technology being the main resource to optimize services and costs, cyber-theft and cyber-espionage will endanger patient privacy more than ever before. Ransomware has been hitting hospitals worldwide at an exponential rate. Drugs keep getting counterfeited, and sensitive health records are jeopardized. Strengthening the security of medical and product data is therefore of paramount importance, and it takes the shape and form of cyber-security policies to make sure all health systems are constantly updated with the latest security patches, the best frameworks are implemented, and a solid security-minded culture permeates any decision. 

Medtec prides itself in being the only dedicated exhibition of design and manufacturing technology for medical device manufacturers. Wibu-Systems has already served numerous healthcare businesses, bridging the data security gap, protecting the intellectual property of device manufacturers by promoting security by default principles with hardware secure elements embedded directly in medical devices, and fostering forward-looking business licensing models. The cutting edge cryptographic methods included in CodeMeter protect, for instance, the intellectual property of Agfa HealthCare’s Easy Payment Scheme for Computed Radiography. By implementing the CodeMeter licensing system, Fritz Stephan, one of the world leaders in the development of specialized technical solutions in ventilation, anesthesiology, and oxygen supply, is able to easily upsell new licenses over the Internet to its global customer base and conveniently modify the set of features of its devices. Let’s meet in Shanghai and collaborate on creating secure smart healthcare devices that you and patients everywhere can benefit from.