German-Japanese AM CAMP Week

2021-09-13 - 2021-09-17
Virtual Event

Additive Manufacturing (AM) represents an evolutionary leap for manufacturing, as the technology links up with established processes and working supply chains and complements, instead of replacing, traditional manufacturing processes. The German-Japanese AM CAMP Week 2021 will present advanced solutions for a variety of processes, monitoring, and security challenges as well as the potential of 3D printing writ large.

At the German-Japanese AM CAMP Week 2021, Stefan Bamberg, Senior Key Account & Partner Manager at WIBU-SYSTEMS AG, will give a presentation on "Learning from German Case Studies on Protecting and Licensing Important Design Assets for 3D Printing Applications" on Wednesday, 15 September at 3:45 pm.

As the capabilities of 3D printing have grown massively over the years, more and more industrial enterprises are discovering the potential of additive manufacturing. But the smart factories where additive manufacturing happens need careful management and protections for intellectual assets, even more than their conventional counterparts, to make sure that the right products are produced at the right amount and the right quality, with no careless or malicious actor interfering with the process. A failure to put in place the required protections can result in intellectual assets and designs being stolen to manufacture counterfeit products or to win unfair profits from overproduction for more criminally minded contract manufacturers. CodeMeter's protection and licensing technology solves these problems by allowing you to license your protected data according to your business model, so that only contract manufacturers with the correct licenses can use it to manufacture what you actually commissioned them to make. You can also set up licenses to limit the number of production runs.

In this online seminar, we will consider the use case of 3D-printed commercial vehicle parts to show how CodeMeter asset protection and licensing can be integrated into the manufacturing process to really reap the benefits of additive manufacturing.

Recommended for all attendees who want:

  • To protect the design data of products produced by 3D printing.
  • To keep track of production authentication and production quantity.
  • To develop design tools and add security and licensing capabilities to them.

The presentation will be given in English with simultaneous translation to Japanese.

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