Embedded World 2015: Improved License Distribution with the new CodeMeter License Central 2.10


Activating and deactivating features flexibly to the client’s specifications

A long-time exhibitor, Wibu-Systems is showcasing its technology at its own booth for the first time at this year’s Embedded World. At booth 369 in hall 4, visitors have the opportunity to learn the latest services provided by the new CodeMeter License Central 2.10. This versatile tool for the creation, management, and delivery of licenses now gives manufacturers a simple solution for activating and deactivating functions in the software embedded in machines, production systems and devices.

Other highlights at Embedded World include the innovative technologies unveiled by Wibu-Systems last fall:

  • Both the CodeMeter Embedded Driver and the AxProtector and IxProtector tools are designed with the protection of embedded systems in mind. The starter kit for Raspberry Pi allows manufacturers to train and test protection and licensing for their embedded systems with a few simple clicks.
  • Our main demonstrator at the booth will showcase how the new Blurry Box cryptographic system implements Kerckhoffs’ principle: the strength of software protection relies on the secrecy of the key and the functional design of the application, and not of the encryption process itself.
  • VxWorks® 7 comes with the “Security Profile for VxWorks”, which deeply integrates CodeMeter® to offer integrity protection, authenticity, IP protection and certificate management. The CodeMeter Security add-on allows manufacturers to protect their products from piracy and tampering, and create licenses for retail deployment.
  • CodeMeter can now securely store the X.509 certificates needed for OPC UA as well as all required private keys in a CmDongle to protect them from unauthorized access and copying. Possible uses include OPC UA and the reliable authentication of webpages, email signatures, and encryptions.

Rüdiger Kügler, security expert at Wibu-Systems, explains: “Stuxnet woke mechanical engineers up to the dangers of lax security. At Wibu-Systems, we were among the first to realize an upcoming global cyber-security epidemic, and already began to offer a practical solution out-of-the-box several years ago. Our goal is to help manufacturers become more aware of and involved with how to protect their embedded software. At Embedded World we will be pursuing our educational mission, offering several interactive opportunities to learn how to implement CodeMeter safely and securely.”


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