Lost licenses: The fine balance of trust


It happens to all of us: doors falling shut behind us, car keys locked inside the car, or passwords used so rarely that they are long lost or forgotten. Software licenses are easy to lose, too, and it is good business practice for software developers to offer their users, already annoyed with themselves for losing the license, the least cumbersome means of regaining access to the software they rightfully own. At the same time, software publishers want to make sure that the licenses are indeed lost, and not being used to illicitly run multiple installations of their software. There is a fine line between giving your users the benefit of the doubt they deserve and opening your software-based business up to fraud and abuse.

Wibu-Systems’ CodeMeter comes preloaded with a versatile repertoire of safeguards and mechanisms to ensure that lost licenses are just a brief inconvenience and neither a burden on users nor an open door to malicious actors for you. If you’re using CmCloudContainers, you can restore the users’ operations by providing a new credential file. If you have delivered your licenses in combination with CmDongles and a unit has gone missing, you are still protected: all devices come with a serial number and can be easily track and thus blacklisted. Similarly, broken and invalid licenses associated with CmActLicenses can be replaced in a new CmContainer while blacklisting the corrupted file.

Join this webinar to learn about everything from user-friendly recovery mechanisms to blacklists and smart license configurations to prevent illicit use.

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This special edition webinar covers all the ins and outs of managing lost licenses:

  • CmContainers in brief
  • User story: Losing a CmContainer
  • Automatic recovery on the same device
  • Reactivating licenses
  • Using blacklists
  • Checkpoint licenses
  • Recovering login credentials for a CmCloudContainer
  • Self-service opportunities on the license portal

Trust is a precious asset in a world in which we are gaining in connectivity at the same rate as we are losing the reassuring certainty of face-to-face relations. With CodeMeter, you can install an infrastructure of trust that bridges that gap for the benefit of your business and your users

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