Wibu-Systems to Showcase its CodeMeter Solutions at the Automate Show 2024

  • Wibu-Systems at Automate Show 2024: Showcasing CodeMeter software protection and licensing solutions for advanced robotics, machine vision, and automation products at booth 2185 in Chicago, May 6-9.
  • CodeMeter's Role in Cybersecurity: Addressing the increased cyberthreats in manufacturing with strong encryption, authentication, and access control technologies to protect against piracy, reverse engineering, and tampering.
  • Innovative Licensing Models: Demonstrating CodeMeter License Central for monetizing industrial machinery through flexible business models like consumption-based licensing and features-on-demand.
  • Launch of CmReady: Introducing the new CmReady mass storage device system that enhances portable and secure licensing for embedded and IoT devices without USB interfaces or ASIC integration.

CodeMeter provides software protection and monetization technologies for manufacturers of robotics, machine vision, and other smart automation products

CodeMeter software protection and licensing solutions for smart automation products will be on display at the Automate Show, May 6-9, 2024, Chicago, Booth 2185.

Wibu-Systems USA, a leader in the software licensing and protection market and member of the Association for Advancing Automation (A3), will exhibit its CodeMeter software protection and licensing solutions at the Automate Show, booth 2185, in Chicago, May 6 - 9, 2024. CodeMeter offers proven use cases for global manufacturers of robotics, machine vision, AI, machine learning, motors and motion controllers, and other software-driven intelligent machines.

Cybersecurity is of paramount importance as the extensive digital transformations occurring in the manufacturing sector greatly expand the cyberthreat attack surface. Today’s automation systems are programmed to collect and share data, make decisions that trigger actions, and independently control processes. Moreover, the integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies in machine vision, robotics, and predictive maintenance makes an ever-increasing amount of critical data vulnerable and puts industrial processes at further risk.

A key component enabling all these industrial automation innovations is software, which must be protected against malicious tampering or IP theft. Additionally, creative software licensing strategies are proving to generate new sources of revenues and open new market opportunities for progressive automation companies.

At the Automate Show, Wibu-Systems will demonstrate key modules of its comprehensive CodeMeter software protection and licensing platform:

  • CodeMeter Protection Suite
    Visitors will learn how to protect their software and digital assets with CodeMeter Protection Suite, using strong encryption, authentication, and access control technology to safeguard against piracy, copying, reverse engineering, and tampering.
  • CodeMeter License Central
    Wibu-Systems representatives will discuss how the flexible CodeMeter License Central entitlement management solution increases revenue opportunities, enabling new business models by monetizing industrial machinery in new and innovative ways, including new software-driven business models such as consumption-based licensing, subscriptions, and features-on-demand.
  • New CmReady Mass Storage Device System
    Also on display will be Wibu-Systems’ new CmReady system, which adds CodeMeter capabilities to qualified mass storage devices. Standard mass storage devices like SD or microSD cards are a popular option for many embedded and IoT device makers who cannot include a USB interface or integrate an ASIC in their hardware. Up to now, this architectural constraint has limited their choice, but the all new CmReady concept brings the best of both worlds. With CmReady, the binding is created by combining the hardware unique ID (UID) of the card with protected, monotonically increasing counters to prevent replay-attacks against the license container. These units are extremely portable and easy to use, with licenses added through the familiar CodeMeter license management system with no additional implementation efforts needed to establish the binding.   
  • CodeMeter SDK
    Visitors to Wibu-Systems booth can also request a free CodeMeter SDK, the all-in-solution for software protection, licensing, and security. The SDK includes the complete set of tools, libraries, examples, and instructions to protect your software in less than five minutes, the Desktop Edition of CodeMeter License Central, the platform to generate, manage, and distribute licenses, two CmDongles, the ability to create demo CmActLicenses, bound to a set of PC specifications, and immediate access to our support team.

According to Marcellus Buchheit, President and CEO of Wibu-Systems USA: “Since joining the Association for Advancing Automation, we have had numerous opportunities to discuss the importance of software protection and licensing technologies with the makers of sophisticated robotics, machine vision, and other smart automation products. We look forward to displaying our CodeMeter solutions at the Automate Show and continuing to learn and discuss creative security solutions to safeguard and monetize these emerging technologies.”

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