I am interested in CmReady mass storage devices


CmReady units – the mass storage devices qualified for use with CodeMeter – are the perfect choice for resource conscious use cases in industry and the connected world.

Fully integrated in the popular CodeMeter ecosystem with the powerful protection capabilities of CodeMeter Protection Suite and the efficient and user-friendly license management of CodeMeter License Central, CmReady devices are compatible with any existing CodeMeter setup.

Positioned in terms of security level between traditional hardware and software license containers, CmReady devices keep the implementation effort minimal in a sleek, lean, and economical package.

Be among the first to tap into the business-empowering potential of CmReady. Contact us if you:

  • Want to know more about the technology and specifications behind CmReady
  • Would like some consultation and insights about CodeMeter-powered business models
  • Are thinking about integrating CmReady devices in your own portfolio

Swissbit and Wibu-Systems experts are available for you with the information you need!


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