Wibu-Systems at SPS – Extending the spectrum of business models to bring new blood to industrial automation


CodeMeter's contribution to a fully digitized industrial world

The power of Wibu-Systems encryption and licensing technology will be on full display at the SPS expo in its own exhibit, Hall 6, booth 428, as well as in use cases presented by several leading automation companies.

Wibu-Systems, the global protection, licensing, and security specialists, is returning to Nuremberg, Germany for SPS – the Smart Production Solutions expo – from 8 to 10 November, in Hall 6, booth 428. In addition to reviewing the industrial digitalization innovations on display, visitors will learn about the crucial role that CodeMeter, Wibu-Systems' flagship technology, plays in extending business models in the automation sector through field applications from several high-profile vendors.

Industrial automation covers a vast range of technologies, systems, and services. The digitalization of industrial plants takes many forms, from the design of pioneering networks in which smart factories are assisted by artificial intelligence, to the introduction of innovative industrial web stores. Brown and greenfield deployments have two things in common: Increased risks from cyber threats and the opportunities of a more connected and agile economy. At this critical juncture for the growth of a new industrial generation, CodeMeter has much to offer on both of these fronts; Wibu-Systems' stellar technology protects today's digitally dependent supply chains and know-how and enables multiple business models through versatile license management.

At the leading industrial automation expo SPS, visitors will have a chance to discover the potential of CodeMeter in action, not just at the booth of its developers, but also at many of the key outfitters of modern, smart industry. This includes the integration of CodeMeter in the Technology Guarding security solution of automation specialists B&R, where custom versions of Wibu-Systems’ CmStick USB security hardware act as the physical expression of a comprehensive encryption and licensing system for B&R’s industrial controllers. A similar approach can be discovered by visitors at Phoenix Contact, whose PLCnext automation ecosystem includes a dedicated PLCnext Store for Phoenix Contact’s own and third-party applications, made possible with the granular encryption and licensing capabilities of CodeMeter.

These and other use cases from across the industrial automation spectrum highlight CodeMeter’s role, and not just in adding new protections to individual products or entire ecosystems, like the integration of cryptographic capabilities to OPC UA protocol or Wind River’s VxWorks Workbench. Wibu-Systems' technology also has commercial significance, enabling a complete modernization of the go-to-market strategy for the industrial world: The ability to protect and license software or even individual machine functions can open up new commercial avenues for industry leaders.

At SPS, our secure licensing specialists will be ready to explore this aspect, comparing the commercial potential of subscription or consumption-based licenses with more conventional retail models, and to explain why the right choice of licensing model should be an executive decision.

Looking forward to his visit at SPS, Oliver Winzenried, Wibu-Systems’ CEO and founder, believes that the time is right to reconsider old habits: “Our clients know and appreciate CodeMeter as a means to protect their IP, products, and supply chains. However, over the years, we and our partners are increasingly discovering the empowering and business-enabling qualities of our technology. CodeMeter, smartly integrated, and with the right design of licensing model, can open up completely new vistas for new and established industrial enterprises.”

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