KEYnote 42: CodeMeter support for Docker and much more


Fall/Winter issue of the Wibu-Systems magazine celebrates the highlight innovations of 2021

The fall/winter 2021 edition of Wibu-Systems magazine comes with a roundup of all the latest innovations, tech news, and other stories from the industry

Twice a year, the software protection and licensing specialists at Wibu-Systems publish the company’s popular KEYnote magazine with a roundup of all the latest innovations, tech news, and other stories from the industry. The fall/winter 2021 edition is the 42nd issue of the KEYnote magazine and will again be received by clients and users of Wibu-Systems’ products and services as well as security industry professionals at large.

This issue gives particular attention to Wibu-Systems’ new offerings for Docker and SAP’s Entitlement Management system, and covers the expanding capabilities of the company’s flagship CodeMeter technology with a closer look at professional licensing-based business models and the new protection technology for JavaScript software. In addition to an abundance of technology and business news, this issue features a special introduction of the IT Security Club, the dedicated co-creativity space for IT protection and security engineers and entrepreneurs on the new Wibu-Systems campus in Karlsruhe, Germany.

SAP’s Entitlement Management System (SAP EMS) was released in 2018 to facilitate the handling of entitlements in highly scalable environments. It is a natural companion for CodeMeter’s licensing and IP protection capabilities, and Wibu-Systems has brought its expertise to the table to manage the entitlements that need to be enforced on the user’s side. The KEYnote article outlines how both systems work together for easy-to-use and foolproof entitlement management.

CodeMeter 7.30 introduced new support for Docker containers with a custom mechanism for binding soft licenses to Docker containers and circumvent the inherent problem of container-based virtualization systems: Keeping the link between licenses and the licensed software intact across containers and preventing abuse of the system with a clever implementation of the CodeMeter License Server. This article goes in-depth into the optimal setup and practices for secure licensing in a Docker environment.

A typical use case for Docker containers is covered in a separate article: the ability to run mass-scale simulations in a fleet of containers, instead of massive rigs of hardware. A popular choice e.g., for testing simulations in the automotive sector, an approach that creates unique challenges and headaches for licensing the often highly sophisticated and custom simulation software. With CodeMeter support for Docker, Wibu-Systems keeps this IP safe and sound, whether real or virtual, on premise, or in the cloud.

One of the great advantages of CodeMeter is its unfailing commitment to interoperability and compatibility. This is made possible by Wibu-Systems working to have its protection tools function on most platforms and with most languages. This includes JavaScript, which is becoming a popular choice for server and standalone applications. With version 10.80 of CodeMeter Protection Suite, the AxProtector encryption and protection tool can now handle JavaScript code in its original form and brings the entire CodeMeter comfort and feature set to Node.js or Electron applications.

Professional users of CodeMeter will love the detailed information contained in this issue of KEYnote on different subscription licensing systems and their potential for novel business models. The magazine also includes a detailed look at how information is managed through CodeMeter License Central, an invaluable aspect when it comes to enjoying CodeMeter’s seamless integration options with third-party back-office systems like ERP, CRM, or e-commerce solutions.

A final highlight of this KEYnote 42 is its introduction of the IT Security Club, a dedicated cooperation platform for researchers, engineers, and entrepreneurs working in the field. Based at the House of IT Security on the Wibu-Systems campus in Karlsruhe, membership in the club offers access to modern office facilities and a connection with the vibrant community that is fast growing up at the new co-working hub. Different membership options are available for non-tenants to enjoy the infrastructure, the community, and the special services of the dedicated innovation manager at the club, whose role it is to support members in securing funding and raising the profile for their ventures on a national and European level.

The fall/winter 2021 edition of the KEYnote magazine has much to offer for every reader with an interest in IT security, protection, and licensing – all three key concerns and major drivers for the digital economy of the future.

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